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Take note if you want to be the next? dubbing actor!

June 13, 2019

Being part of our favorite cartoons has been the dream of every person who loves animation. Would you like to have the privilege of no only watch them, but become one of them? We have the perfect job for you!

They call “Dubbing actors” or “voiceover actors”. A profession that besides being super fun, it takes lots of work. It’s true that your interpretation won’t show up in the images; however, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dramatize, move the body, the head, hands or gestures.

The fact that you have a good voice it’s not a synonym of being a good voiceover actor; you must express yourself in every sense to gain the emotion you want to transmit.

When you are a dubbing actor, new horizons open to allow you to expand this dream far away beyond any frontier.

For this reason, we got some techniques for you:

  • Read out loud about 30 minutes per day.
  • Keep your voice healthy and save with a lot of hydration. Keep away from cigarettes and everything else that could hurt your voice.
  • Meanwhile you are practicing, record, play and record again as much as necessary. Listen to yourself will give you a better appreciation of how your voice sounds to everyone and a better understanding to improve it.
  • Lay down on the floor and inhale and exhale deeply, making an “shh” sound while exhaling.
  • Take oratory, voice management, and locution classes.
  • Imitate sounds could help you develop flexibility; with this, you may recognize the frequency and tone.
  • Express completely your emotions and personality through your voice.


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Dinbog at the Digital Enterprise Show 2019

June 12, 2019

In Dinbog we are immersed in the digital transformation process, that’s why we couldn’t miss the opportunity to be part of more than 20.000 visitors that gathered the past May 21th at the fourth edition of DES (Digital Enterprise Show) which took place in Madrid, one of the most important events of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

This encounter served as a meeting place for the principal tech multinationals, startups, consultors and sector professionals.

Leader tech companies in Artificial Intelligence or Cybersecurity like IBM, Accenture, Altran, T-Systems, Globant, KPMG, among 300 firms, took part in this new edition that highlighted 4.0 industry, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence as technologies that drive the worldwide digitalization.

Dinbog always present in the most updated trends of the digital world.


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Change your look with these trending tips

June 10, 2019

We all arrive at a point in our lives that we need to refresh our image, but how do we know which look is going to match with us?

When observing celebrities, we delight with their fabulous haircuts, new colors, hairstyles, and everything that is trendy. Remember, in the world of entertainment, be on trend is the first distinctive you need to glow.

If you decide to change your look, we will give you a guide for you to find a style that highlights your factions and adapts to your face type:

  • Round face: the ideal thing for you is to look for hairstyles and haircuts to visually enlarge the face, some volume on the top and vertical sharpness cut to the cheeks down below.
  • Oval Face: in this case, you can go with a longer haircut, in the function of other elements, like necks length.
  • Enlarged face: the middle line suits you, with or without fringe. Avoid hairstyles with too much volume.
  • Square face: if you have this type of face, the best for you is to go with an intense volume till shoulders or below the jaw (avoid straight hairstyles).
  • Triangle face: triangle faces suit the long hair. Just as vertical sharpness cut to the cheeks down below. Which brings naughty and personality for your face.


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Be the next Host of the show following these tips

June 5, 2019

If you are reading these tips, it is probably that your dream or one of your goals is to be the next host of your favorite tv show, host of important events, news, etc. You are in the right place.

What characterizes a host and which characteristics should have to impress the audience to have fun at the presentation?

There is some advice you should have in mind:

  • Confidence: work not just on your virtues but in your mistakes too, so you can build strong confidence.
  • Charisma
  • Adaptability: adapt to the script or teleprompter, stage or public. Your goal is to get intimate with them.
  • Personality: let the public falls in love with you and your looseness at the moment of your presentation.
  • Dress or suit up with clothes and shoes that you feel comfortable with, this will help with the confidence.
  • Never forget about the correct way of using the tone and volume of your voice.
  • Identify the best side of the cameras.
  • Check out your posture, gestures, the hands, and feet movement.
  • Prepare jokes, facial expressions, and phrases to let everything flow.
  • Be critical, watch another hostess speak; learn how to dominate concepts, spaces, time, trajectories and poses.
  • Have in mind that practice makes the master. It must do it in front of a mirror, friends, family, and even pets if it’s necessary to achieve the best presentation of all time.

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Is being Influencer the best work of the moment? Find out along with those tips!

June 3, 2019

Become Influencer has been the most coveted profession for the past two years, would you like to try it?

Users are attracted to fame, followers and the monetary benefit that this work can give, meanwhile, companies search for channels where the target connects, so they can mix brands with influencers.

This is the moment to be the main charter and appear in social media.

What are you waiting for? Follow these tips we got exclusively for you:

  • Interesting content, stuff between followers that you’d like to get. Always respect the rules from the platform you are signed up into.
  • The correct utilization of social media and it’s tools.
  • Study the schedule in which your public is more active; upload photos or stories in those times.
  • Keep your feed organized. Publish photos with the same filter, syntonized with the same theme.
  • Take care of orthography, remember that you are supposed to influence people with the things you publish.
  • Become friends with Hashtags, they will be vital for those who not follow you, it will help them to find your profile easier through the search with them.
  • Be creative, search for different spaces or people; whatever calls attention from users to be part of your feed.

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Don’t let your story in half! Get out of your writer’s block with these tips

May 29, 2019

What is literature without the thoughts of our writers? Their imagination, illusions, hopes and dreams, goals and failures, and, of course, their writers’ block. Every aspect of literary creation, every opinion or every definition about the office is the only for the writer.

We will give you some tips that could get you out of your blocked mind:

  • Go out and take fresh air. Call your friends, practice a sport; do things that make you distract from whatever you are focusing so much to do, the muse will come on its own.
  •    You never know when inspirations are coming, so get used to having your notebook or tablet with you to write every idea on mind.
  • Don’t waste the moment with the idea. You’ll have time to fix or edit the text later.
  •    Meditating could be an amazing key for getting back to your work.
  •    Inspire yourself with music, that will allow you to activate your emotions to generate great new ideas.

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Get your work to know with us!


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Dinbog representing at the Miami Beacon Council

May 28, 2019

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council, it’s a private-public association based on organization and economic developing of Miami-Dade County. The organization improves the growth and expansion of local businesses, as like national and international too.

This meeting was focused on the industry development of the creative industry inside the city.

In this opportunity, we could make a tour for a new co-working space out of its facilities with the plan of promoting the place, which is specially designed for the industry of cinema and television.

As curious facts, The VP of Investigation and planning strategy of the city, Jaap Donath, said that today Miami can count on these goals:

  • Better City making business with Latin-America.  
  • Happies Place to Work, according to Forbes.
  • Number 1 in startups activities all over the USA, according to The Kauffman Foundation Index.

We are very excited about calling Miami our new home, we make sure that among with The Beacon Council, we may incorporate to a productive life of the city in the most agile and positive way.

Dinbog always supporting the development and transformation of the creative industry!


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Tips for becoming an artist in “Stop Motion”

May 27, 2019

If you are wondering how do movies like “Nightmare before Christmas” and “Jim and the giant peach” we got it for you. We are talking about “Stop Motion” which is based on the manipulation of figures and each of their movements being photographed, and so, after a series of frames, creating the illusion that this figure moves by itself, doing the appearance of being alive.

Generating an animation like this kind may be easy, but in fact, it consumes a lot of time and it could be monotonous. However, it is a fantastic hobby that, with a lot of dedication, it could become in your career.

We present to you these tips especially for you!

  • Be patience, this could take time.
  • You can make a simple one for a start with a simple camera.
  • Illumination is essential.
  • You can use any material to do the animation. From a simple coin to plastic figures or else.
  • Have in mind that every picture you take it must have the smallest modification to make the moves look real.
  • Keep images somewhere safe and classify them. If you do the pics from your phone, an app like Iphoto to create an album separated from your personal photos it would be a great help.

Dinbog offers you being part of a community vinculated with Art Directors and Plastic Artist.

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Support in Capital Increase

May 23, 2019

With the support of Deloitte’s global network and through its methodologies and experiences in corporate finance services and business model design, we plan to do several structured capital raisings in 5 successive rounds starting from Series A.

In order to grow and internationalize a startup, no matter what the final objectives are, is to raise the amount of capital that can be the difference between having a dream and making it a reality.

In the case of Dinbog we want to offer our users new experiences through tools designed exclusively thinking about their needs such as: Events, Contests and Want Ads. The operation’s team works tirelessly to strengthen a reality that day by day becomes stronger with a view to a promising future!

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Techniques you won’t miss if you wish to be an expert in Orchestra Director

May 22, 2019

Everyone who observes a Symphony Orchestra will stop for a little pause to pay attention to the director, which is essential, it’s his brain that will put the soul to the musical score and performance after all.

We present to you these simple techniques to achieve the role of the Orchestra director; it will only take a few months if you are really into it.

  •        The high spot in front of the musicians it’s not about superiority; but also makes easy for the musician to look at the director while playing the instrument.  It may seem like too theatrical, however, musicians need the explicit of gestures to recognize correctly on the scene.
  •        Listen with attention to scales and mechanic exercises in the best way possible. It is equivalent to a daily repeat the letters of the alphabet. The practice is everything.
  •      You must have feet firmly on the ground, parallel to the shoulders; just as setting the arms at the same height.  It’s crucial to know the right way to do this; losing the sense of balance at a decisive moment could end with several back issues and a bad presentation.
  •   It is necessary to spend hours in front musical score before any presentation to analyze every detail the guidelines and exam where do you precise to mark. You must listen to the unity inside your head.

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