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How to prepare an acting skit

November 21, 2017
how to prepare acting skit

When submitting for an acting casting there are many factors to be aware off, despite how well practiced you may be. Dinbog wants to give you a series of tips to keep in mind to help you with any and all acting auditions:

Imagine this: While practicing your monologues or skits remember to imagine you are in front of an audience and most importantly the directors. Keep in mind the rush of sensations that you will be feeling (nerves, sweats, etc.).

– Prepare a text: Sometimes casting directors will send you their skit directly. Even if this is the case it is best to still be prepared with two monologues, one comedic and once dramatic, to demonstrate your dynamic skills.

Vocalize: Make sure you are speaking with clear diction and a load pitch. Warm up your vocal cords before the audition.

Wear clothes that makes you feel comfortable and confident: Remember the camera will catch everything. Make sure you have a clean face and if you wear makeup, that it is natural only highlighting your best features.

–  Mental Strength: Mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of rejection. If they do not pick you it may only be because they are not searching for a character like yours, so do not give up.

– Relax: This is easier said than done. Try to go as relaxed as possible. There will always be nerves before a big audition, but do not focus on your natural response simply focus on yourself and your goals. Calm down and concentrate.

After: Do not forget to treat yourself! Whether it went well or it was not what you expected, you should still celebrate your hard work. Remember to always take note of what could be improved on for next time, and simply keep on keeping on.

Mistakes will come with each casting, but it important to stay optimistic and use these mistakes as opportunities for improvement.

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How to start being a model

November 15, 2017
how to be a model

Beginning to work in the world of fashion is becoming increasingly more complicated, taking into account that the industry is becoming more competitive everyday. However, the digital world has allowed social networks like dinbog make it possible for anyone to dedicate themselves to the career of their dreams. We would like to give you a series of tips on how to start pursuing a career as a model.


Our first, and cheapest, recommendation is to become very familiar  with all kinds of fashion magazines.

Whenever you want to dedicate yourself to something professionally it is essential that you pursue something you are passionate about. A career in the world of fashion is definitely not a profession to pursue without passion, and therefore it essential use this drive to immerse yourself in as many fashion magazines and publications as possible: Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elite, fashion blogs etc. By studying these materials, you can both: stay up to date with current trends, and also observe how the best models in the business inspire and pose for their audiences.

Furthermore, it is equally as important that you follow all your favorite fashion connoisseurs and models on social media. Online platforms like dinbog allow you to follow their profiles and interact with all their pictures and portfolios.


The portfolio is like a “cover letter” that a model has to submit when looking for a job. A portfolio consists of a variety of the best photographs that a model has had throughout his/her career.

A portfolio should display a varied selection of face, full body, close ups, of unique selection of looks.

Dinbog can help you organize and upload an online portfolio and resume with pictures and video, all in one place. We can help you showcase all your best work!


Our golden rule is to not become absent on any platform. In a world that is everyday becoming more and more competitive, it is essential to stay active on social media. Staying active on social media and dinbog allows casting directors to get to you know you better through yet another platform. We recommend highlighting any special talents and/or features you may have such as: tattoos, disabilities etc.

Agencies and brands use our advanced search engine to find models with very specific characteristics. The more detailed your profile, the easier you will be to find.


Although our search engines are very powerful and useful, it is also important to not depend on these casting directors always reaching out to you. Make a list of agencies you relate with and like that you would like to potentially start a professional relationship with.

You can always contact agencies directly through their websites, but you can do more and interact with them online through their dinbog profiles.

Starting off in the world of fashion does not have to be difficult. By following our tips and harnessing your passion and perseverance in the right way you will surely be on your way to booking many casting calls.

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Tips on how to pose and look good in pictures

October 25, 2017
How to pose in pictures

Are you sick of feeling like you don’t look the most photogenic in your pictures? On dinbog, and in the talent industry in general, it is very important that our portfolios, or books, display our best possible pose in every picture. However, before you loose hope and give up on posing for pictures, you must know that being photogenic is not a divine gift that some people do and do not have. Those who have a claim to fame when it comes to posing in pictures, all have a common strategy and set of tricks they follow to achieve the best pose in every picture.

Being that we are very aware of the great importance that portfolios/books have to agencies and talent scouts, dinbog wants to give you some tips on how to achieve the most photogenic picture every time.


“The face is a reflection of the soul.” With more than 40 facial muscles, it is very easy for the face to convey many emotions and feelings with the expressions we have in our photos. Therefore, our top priority- although not always an easy one- must be to transmit positive emotions.

First tip: Rotate the head to roughly a 45-degree angle to depict your facial features in a multidimensional fashion. If we face directly to the camera, our asymmetrical features stand out creating an imbalance.

Furthermore, stars like Cara Delevingne and Emma Stone utilize a tactic called “squinching”, a mixture of two terms squinting the eyes and clenching the jaw. The objective is to further define the chin and relax the cheekbones for a natural look.

Finally, for a natural smile, we recommend pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth and behind your top row of your teeth.


If you have long enough hair (enough to play with it a bit) you can let it slightly fall over your face. Not only could this potentially help cover any blemishes, but also helps your look seem more mysterious and playful.


Like with the face, we also recommend to rotate the body slightly. By posing at this angle your body is outlined better, think “red carpet” style. Celebrities at these events often place a hand on the waist and their bodies are usually at an angle. If the photographer requires a front-facing pose, then we recommend to cross both legs, placing one foot in front of the other.

Do not forget to always maintain proper posture. This means to keep your back straight and shoulders slightly back, thus highlighting the chest and reducing any slouch in your figure.

Finally, an extremely important aspect of a pose are the arms and hands. Many often forget these noticeable feature and simply let them fall limp by their sides creating an awkward look. Also, it is important that you always maintain relaxed hands not tight, you could come off as seeming tense, or simply posed and unnatural. Flexing your hands and then relaxing them, or having something in them could be a good resource for models who find it difficult to pose their arms in a manner that does not seem forced.

By following our tips, the photographers directions, and your natural posing instinct you will surely be on your way to creating some amazing photographers that will increase your chances of finding professional success within dinbog.

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5 Advantages dinbog Offers Casting Agencies

October 10, 2017
Casting Agency

If you have a casting agency, dinbog can become your most useful ally to help your company achieve its goals. Not yet registered with dinbog? Listed below are some of the benefits you can take advantage if with us:

  1. Save time: You can post a casting at anytime and in any place. You simply have to log into dinbog, create the casting, and then review the profiles that apply to it.
  2. Save money: To make the right selection you do not need to see the applicants in real time. You can discover all of their physical information and past experience through uploaded portfolios users post onto dinbog.
  3. Discover new faces: There is always someone new to be discovered. Thanks to dinbog you will have the opportunity to find these new faces with just a click.
  4. Advertising: Dinbog offers the possibility to advertise your agency on the platform itself. Our users belong to the world of fashion, television, and film. Your agency can gain recognition and have a larger impact in the industry.
  5. Find professionals: You also have the possibility to create castings to find other professionals within various industries i.e. photography.

Through our advanced search engine and casting tool, you can save time and money when searching through our diverse talent database to find the specific faces.

With clear digital and international positioning, we help casting agencies by becoming a digital partner.

Dinbog is a social network that connects talent from over 190 countries with film, TV, fashion, casting agencies, performing arts, among others; consistently helping you find the best profiles for your creations and productions.

Log in to dinbog and experience firsthand the advantages our platform can offer to your casting agency.

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Advantages for your Brand in dinbog

August 21, 2017

If you have a product or service in any market, you can create a profile with your brand and reach all kinds of talent both locally or worldwide. Dinbog gives you the opportunity to show what you offer.

It is very simple, go to dinbog and register with all of the required information and upload a portfolio with photos that define and represent your brand. The more people you follow within the dinbog community, the greater the chances will be of gaining potential clients; Connect with them all!

For example, if you have a nutrition brand and want to create more awareness of your brand, you can post content within the dinbog platform to get users to interact with it. Dinbog allows you to reach potential consumers that could be interested in your products.

Not only do you have the chance to reach your adequate audience, but you can also find possible commercial allies, models for your ad campaigns by using the “create casting” application, locate professional photographers for your sessions, and connect with professionals that can make your brand be known in the industry while reaching thousands of users in the network.

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Advantages of creating a fan profile in dinbog

August 14, 2017

If you are not sure to which profile you wish to be a part of, or you don’t know how the platform works, you can take a look first by creating a fan profile. This is how it works.

Being registered as a fan in dinbog you can find out how talents connect with each other (actors/models), agencies, professionals, brands, and how they value their work that each one does, how they get to know each other with their contents, and how you can be part of this great community from your own personal experience.

You can follow all profiles, see all the post on the wall and be able to “like” if you wish to do so. Besides all of this, you will be able to use the advanced search where you will find different options to which you can filter what you are looking for and share any profile in other social networks.

After knowing which is the ideal profile for you to be in dinbog, you may ask for assistance through the option of support under “Help with my profile”.

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The uses and advantages of hashtags in your posts

August 7, 2017

A Hashtag (#) is a tool that each day is being used more in social networks, being information classifiers, hashtags are very helpful when searching for topics of interest. When clicking on a hashtag it redirects you to the page where all the posts contain that same hashtag. In dinbog we also recommend you to use the hashtag to segment your posts, placing generic hashtags may invite more people to your profile, that way many others can get to know and follow you. Placing specific hashtags make your posts define you even better.

The amount of hashtags is important, one or two is more than enough to get the attention of your followers and others that are looking for information related to what you have posted. On the other hand, more than three hashtags can cause a negative effect and bore your followers.

Precision is another characteristic that needs to be taken into account when using this tool. It is not a good idea to use a hashtag using a bunch of letters and characters that no one will use. For example, to use #Model or #Runway, it is much better than to use #runwaymodelcolombiafashion. If your hashtag has more than one word, it is best to use capitals or lower case letters when needed. It will be easier to read #ColombiaFashion.

For our last recommendation, as always, use this tool wisely, don´t over use it because if it will lose its purpose: to make the content stand out.

So now you know, from now on make the most of this tool that we offer you and will make your posts be distinctive.

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This is how dinbog can help your talent agency with its castings

August 2, 2017

All talent agency needs to be updated when it comes to the search of more profiles to complete their staff, that is why today we dedicate this post to you.

At dinbog not only do you have the possibility to show all of your talents that are part of your agency by displaying content that you can upload to your profile such as videos and photos, but you can also find the perfect profile for the job that you need through the castings.

It is very simple, enter your profile in dinbog and go to the section “create castings” that is located on the left hand side of your screen, a series of requirements, very simple to fill, will unfold, such as the name of the casting, date of beginning and the end of the casting, country and city it will take place, address and a brief description of what it is required in order to register. In the section “references” you can ask for a specific country of birth or spoken language.

Always remember to keep an active profile, upload recent content of events and talents in order for your agency to have more exposure and be recognized worldwide.

Go to dinbog so you can be closer to finding what you are looking for.

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Photographer: Upload your portfolio

July 24, 2017

If you are an amateur or professional photographer, dinbog is the perfect window for you to show the world all of your potential.

No matter if you are starting in the photography industry or in fact you have a professional trajectory, we recommend you to use your profile in dinbog to expand and promote your talent as a photographer worldwide.

In our platform you will find models, actors, event producers and even agencies just to name a few profiles that could be interested in a photographer like you.

You are just a click away of endless possibilities to make your career prosper as a photographer: just register in dinbog and upload your content. You can add to your portfolio photo albums that describe the types of jobs you prefer to do. For example, you may upload photo albums of exteriors, in black and white or even photos of events that you have covered.

Take in consideration to upload a brief and concise sample of your previous work done, make it dynamic and fun. Show your best work with a maximum of 5 or 6 photos in each photo album. Any other photo that you wish to show can be posted in the wall of your profile and you will have a lot of views.

Enter dinbog and follow our tips in order to be closer from being discovered.

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Find some inspiration creating your book following the profiles of models at dinbog

July 17, 2017

At dinbog there are many professional profiles with content that can inspire you to create your own photo shoots with great results.

Enter and begin to follow models, pay attention to their books and take note on how to pose in front of a camera. It will give you some ideas on how to choose your ideal clothing for each shoot and it will enhance your creativity to pick the perfect location you need, and as a result you will achieve photos that will stand out.

Remember, the greater the amount of content you publish in your profile, the greater the possibility that professionals that are searching for someone with your characteristics will locate you faster. They will be able to see not just your qualities as a talent, but also they will find that you have vast and great photos that stand out, making the possibilities for success even greater and assured.

Enter dinbog and follow our tips that will make you be closer from being discovered!