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Use our advanced search to find the profile you need in your casting

June 26, 2017

Do you need a specific profile for your next casting? Are you tired of wasting time and money in trying to find those actors or models that adapt to your project?

At dinbog we have developed a searcher that allows you to filter by specific characteristics the profile you are looking for. That means, you have higher chances of finding exactly what you want without dedicating too much time and free of charge.

Once your profile is registered, in our advanced search you will find numerous filter options:

1.- Model or professional.
2.- By name.
3.- By category
– New Face
– Model
– Top Model
4.- By gender
5.- By registration in the last 30 days.
6.- By country born from.
7.- By country of residence.
8.- By spoken language
9.- By physical characteristics.
10.- By age
11.- By height
12.- By weight

And other characteristics that are more detailed such as:

1.- Interests
2.- Eye color
3.- Ethnic group.
4.- Hair color
5.- Hair length
6.- Hair texture
7.- Special characteristics (Albino, Androgyny, with vitiligo, etc.)

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