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Complete your profile so you can be spotted

July 10, 2017

If your objective is to impulse your career, dinbog gives you the possibility to be spotted by many people of the fashion, film and TV industry. Many professionals worldwide are in the search for a specific profile, and if your profile has been filled with all the required information, you have more chances to be found and as a result you can land contracts locally or in other countries.

The first step you need to take is to complete all of your data, so professionals that are interested will be able to know and see your physical features such as your height, color of our skin and eyes, hair, etc. We also suggest including your previous jobs done, that way they can see your experience and for whom you have worked for in the past. Remember that all of your potential can be shown in your profile in dinbog.

If you are a new face, and you are starting in the fashion world, we suggest constant activity in the platform by publishing new content like photos and videos in order to keep the community informed about you. Remember, the greater the amount of information and content you have, higher the chances of becoming spotted and contacted.

Enter dinbog and follow our tips in order to be closer from being discovered.

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