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The uses and advantages of hashtags in your posts

August 7, 2017

A Hashtag (#) is a tool that each day is being used more in social networks, being information classifiers, hashtags are very helpful when searching for topics of interest. When clicking on a hashtag it redirects you to the page where all the posts contain that same hashtag. In dinbog we also recommend you to use the hashtag to segment your posts, placing generic hashtags may invite more people to your profile, that way many others can get to know and follow you. Placing specific hashtags make your posts define you even better.

The amount of hashtags is important, one or two is more than enough to get the attention of your followers and others that are looking for information related to what you have posted. On the other hand, more than three hashtags can cause a negative effect and bore your followers.

Precision is another characteristic that needs to be taken into account when using this tool. It is not a good idea to use a hashtag using a bunch of letters and characters that no one will use. For example, to use #Model or #Runway, it is much better than to use #runwaymodelcolombiafashion. If your hashtag has more than one word, it is best to use capitals or lower case letters when needed. It will be easier to read #ColombiaFashion.

For our last recommendation, as always, use this tool wisely, don´t over use it because if it will lose its purpose: to make the content stand out.

So now you know, from now on make the most of this tool that we offer you and will make your posts be distinctive.

Go to dinbog and you will be closer from being discovered!

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