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5 Advantages dinbog Offers Casting Agencies

October 10, 2017
Casting Agency

If you have a casting agency, dinbog can become your most useful ally to help your company achieve its goals. Not yet registered with dinbog? Listed below are some of the benefits you can take advantage if with us:

  1. Save time: You can post a casting at anytime and in any place. You simply have to log into dinbog, create the casting, and then review the profiles that apply to it.
  2. Save money: To make the right selection you do not need to see the applicants in real time. You can discover all of their physical information and past experience through uploaded portfolios users post onto dinbog.
  3. Discover new faces: There is always someone new to be discovered. Thanks to dinbog you will have the opportunity to find these new faces with just a click.
  4. Advertising: Dinbog offers the possibility to advertise your agency on the platform itself. Our users belong to the world of fashion, television, and film. Your agency can gain recognition and have a larger impact in the industry.
  5. Find professionals: You also have the possibility to create castings to find other professionals within various industries i.e. photography.

Through our advanced search engine and casting tool, you can save time and money when searching through our diverse talent database to find the specific faces.

With clear digital and international positioning, we help casting agencies by becoming a digital partner.

Dinbog is a social network that connects talent from over 190 countries with film, TV, fashion, casting agencies, performing arts, among others; consistently helping you find the best profiles for your creations and productions.

Log in to dinbog and experience firsthand the advantages our platform can offer to your casting agency.

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