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Rokk3r opens the doors to Dinbog

January 6, 2019

Always in the search for innovation for Dinbog, Our (CEO), Aristides Carballo visits Rokk3r. A unique platform for entrepreneurs that enables them to promote their businesses through a unique integral construction approach. They offer the innovation of the future through the services they offer: Rokk3r Hubs, Rokk3r Crowdbuild Platform, Operating System (RCOS) and Rokk3r Blockchain. The Rokk3r ecosystem is a hybrid network of human intelligence systems and machines that allows the creation of companies without friction, accelerated and complete. This company takes into account modern economic theories, the factors of exponential organizations (ExO), exponential technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and the chain of blocks, the increase in global connectivity and the emergence of a global genius. collective to optimize the success rates in the creation of companies. Dinbog looks towards an innovative future!


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