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February 11, 2019

Today we offer you an important tip, the rule of thirds, one of the most famous composition standards used in photography, painting and design.

What is the rule of thirds?
It consists of mentally dividing the image into equal parts or zones. The standard can be applied to any type of photo to produce images that attract attention and give a feeling of greater depth and balance. In addition, you learn quickly and it is very easy to remember.

The image is divided into nine equal rectangles and, what is more important, you will have four points in which the lines will coincide. These are the so-called Strong or Principal Points of the image. A composition in which the elements are far from the center is more pleasing to the eye and seems more natural than one in which the object or subject is placed in the center. The composition of an image will be more harmonious and orderly if we put the important elements in the strong points. This causes the visual weight to increase and the whole photograph to be more balanced.

How is the rule of thirds applied at the time of taking the picture?

  • When you are in front of a scene that you want to photograph, you must imagine the lines that divide the picture in three by three and how, what you have in front, will be divided into those parts.
  • Then, evaluate which are the most important elements that you want to include in the photo, and try to place them as close as possible to the strong points that the grid has formed.
  • When photographing a landscape it is recommended to place the horizon near those horizontal dividing lines. This way you will avoid the sensation of splitting the image in two. If, in addition, you place the most important elements of the landscape near the vertical lines, you will obtain balanced and elegant photos.
  • As for portraits, it is best to position people on one side of the painting and leave what we call Air on the other side.
  • When the portraits are close-ups, it is recommended to place the eyes in one of the strong points.

Digital cameras and mobiles usually have a very useful option that draws lines on the screen following the rule of thirds. Following this norm will help you to balance your compositions, but do not forget that creativity counts when creating and this rule is not binding. Dare to try it!

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