About us

Who are we?

dinbog is the social network that strengthens the presence of all those aspiring to be a part of the fashion, movie and tv industries in more than 190 countries. Our search is to integrate talents and professionals of the industry that count with a book with a variety of photographs and videos, such as new faces, models, model agencies, photographers, producers, actors, brands, among others; to make the exposure, connection and hiring process a lot easier, maximizing their job opportunities in sight of their target of interest.

Who benefits from dinbog?

The social network gathers in the same place all those aspirants and professionals that want to be or are a part of the fashion, movie and tv industries, to promote the discovery of talents and the connection between them.

An aspirant to us are all those talents that are about to be discovered and wish to make a professional career in a specific segment of the industry, as models, actors, actresses, hosts, among others.

Professionals are all those talents already stablished in the industry who, in their specialties, are looking to interact with aspirants and create business opportunities in dinbog.

What problem do we fix?

We tear down all geographic barriers among aspirants and professionals in the fashion, movie and tv industries to create bonds and optimize contacting process depending on their specialty.

Is dinbog a modeling or talent agency?

We are neither an agency nor their competition. dinbog is the social network that will support agencies, production companies, brands, talents and professionals in the fashion, movie and tv industries, to boost the search for those talents that may be anywhere in the world.

dinbog is the social network where models, talents, agencies, professionals and other companies in the industry can connect all over the world, share their books, work experience, expand their professional network, find different jobs and take their career to an international level.




  • CEO and Founder Aristides Carballo.
  • CFO, Jean Anglade.
  • CTO, Kenny Vivas.


Who are our advisers?

  • Lawyer, Juan Pablo Cappello
  • Lawyer, Sofía Yagüe
  • Adviser, Eduardo Stigol
  • Adviser, Victor Carballo

Advisers dinbog