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Strengthening Alliances

April 22, 2019

With the support of Deloitte’s global network, we will approach potential business allies in the entertainment world that will accelerate the success of Dinbog’s growth plan.

In this opportunity, the main objective of Deloitte is to support Dinbog in all phases of the process of search, engagement, negotiation and closing of the transaction with potential allies. Alliances that will enhance current and future functionalities such as: Casting, Events, Want Ads and Contests that will benefit exponentially the parties involved in the alliance and above all our users. Dinbog always in the search for alliances that reinforce and strengthen our business and success!

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Dinbog going forward

April 12, 2019

Aristides Carballo (CEO) meeting part of Dinbog´s executive team Daniela Vazquez, Fabio Alvino and Stefano Gulbalis, talking about new AI and Blockchain technologies, aligning new strategies, and working restlessly to achieve the objectives.

Dinbog on the move.

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Dinbog was Present at 2019 Unity + Inclusion Summit Miami

March 14, 2019

This past March 7th in the city of Miami, Aristides Carballo (CEO) accompanied by Stefano Gulbalis (Dinbog’s advisor) were present at the 2019 Unity + Inclusion Summit, where investors, entrepreneurs, and the technology community met to talk about the current situation and the future of diversity and inclusion (disabilities in general, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and lifestyle) in technology.

Through exhibitions and workshops, fundamental topics were addressed, including the raising and access to capital, the creation of various teams and work spaces and market growth. Topics that must be discussed in order to continue with the opening, unity and inclusion of all the groups previously mentioned in the technology. Dinbog supporting efforts that promote inclusion.

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What Dinbog will bring you

February 25, 2019

In Dinbog we work for our users, so soon we will be announcing our new features that you will enjoy and boost you socially and professionally. When you register, you can enjoy many benefits, which we have created for you. We, the Dinbog team is proud of our new achievements that you will soon be able to use. The updates will be available in its three platform versions (Web, iOS and Android).

  • Castings: With this tool every user can create a casting or Open Call before a specific community that can apply if interested.
  • Want Ads: Every user can offer their services as well as sell products.
  • Events: A calendar of events where all kinds of events can be created or displayed.
  • Contests: Users will be able to create and participate in all types of competitions framed in the field of entertainment, fashion and the arts in general.

Register and enjoy what we have for you!

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Analysis and evaluation of efforts with a view to a promising future

February 14, 2019

Dinbog receives a current and future valuation from Deloitte, where the company’s current technology, operation, structure and its target market were analyzed. An estimate of the Fair Market Value of the company’s shares was developed through the application of valuation techniques.

The valuation and projections of a company are a way of facing the reality of the market, of comparing itself with other companies of the same sector or that develop a similar activity and it is a way of analyzing the profitability differentials that will finally affect its value. It is a clear way to improve the value of a company, as it involves an analysis of its areas of opportunity and compares the improvements that can be made.

Today, many companies that use the valuation methodology to analyze their value with each year-end or series, this is usually presented to the partners of the company each year demonstrating objective evolution and always under the same model or pattern of valuation used. Dinbog valuing its future!

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Dinbog has applied to be part of the French Tech Community

February 12, 2019

This past February 6th Dinbog takes another step in the technological world by actively participating in the call for applications made by the French government for the creation of French Tech communities worldwide.

The French Tech Community is a global business initiative that contributes to making France a country in which new companies – concerned to make sense of the future – can be born, grow and become successful companies. It is formed by several local French Tech communities, located in France and abroad. These communities are nodes that bring together the founders of startups, investors, employees and other stakeholders in the startup ecosystem. Members of the French Tech communities share the vision of French Tech’s public action and want to play a leadership role in achieving their goals on a global scale, starting with their local communities. Dinbog taking firm steps in the world of technology!

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February 5, 2019

Aligned to the strategic advances, Aristides Carballo (CEO) met in the city of Miami with partners Peter Suárez and Eduardo Stigol. The operations team tirelessly works for Dinbog!


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Dinbog was once again present at one of the events that make a difference in the world of entertainment

January 31, 2019

NATPE has been committed to become the option for buyers and sellers of content for 55 years, offering thousands of possibilities to do an excellent business, offering a first look at the new proposals before MIP and the LA Screenings, giving the leaders of the industry a jump start in the monetization of their projects. The digital transformation was the topic in NATPE Miami, the communication channels are changing their business model to studios and a new scope of the market with the strong media groups having their own OTT. An original differentiating content, production and distribution are the right strategies to survive in the industry. Dinbog supporting the digital transformation!

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Working for Dinbog

January 29, 2019

On January 24th, 2019 in the city of Miami, part of Dinbog’s executive team Dinbog met to plan and align what would be the development strategies to follow this new year.
Technological advances achieved in 2018 were discussed, as well as the steps to follow to guarantee continuous growth of the platform.

This meeting was attended by Aristides Carballo (CEO), Jean Anglade (CFO), Kenny Vivas (CTO), Dinbog’s partners Victor Carballo, Peter Suárez, and advisor Fabio Albino. Dinbog thinking about the future!

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Dinbog Present in the Launching of Latinas in Tech Miami

January 8, 2019

Dinbog was present at the Venture city campus for the launch of a new chapter of Latinas in Tech in Miami. Latinas in Tech founded in 2014 by Gretel Perera and Rocío Medina. It is a non-profit organization with the mission of connecting, supporting and training Latina women working in technology. They have +3000 women representing 15 Latin countries and +40 top technology companies. Its focus is to strengthen and connect Latinas through three fundamental pillars: Professional development, recruitment and mentoring.

On this occasion, members of the sector joined in a night of networking, inspiring conversations to support all the talented Latinas working in technology. This enriching night featured important exponents such as: Ana Paula Gonzalez – Head of Miami 500 Startups, Silvina Moschini – CEO & Founder Sheworks !, Rosa Jiménez Cano – Chief Ecosystems Officer The Venture City, Maxeme Tuchman – CEO & Co- Founder of Caribu, Andrea Torres – Manager, Partnerships & Marketing Endeavor Miami – Moderator. Dinbog present!