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10 Tips That Will Help You Calm Your Nerves Before a Casting

April 15, 2019

All actors, no matter how experienced they may be, are not immune to nerves during a casting. When faced with a challenge that matters to them, nerves can play a trick if there is a possibility of failure. Due to this feeling of nerves that we all have felt in our lives, we present 10 tips that will surely help in your next audition.


Tip # 1: Prepare Well

The more you know about your role and fully memorize your lines, the better you will feel. Your mind will be focused on the task and less on your nerves. Maintaining your concentration on the goal is essential. One way to achieve it is to visualize yourself acting the part.


Tip # 2: Arrive before the scheduled time

If you arrive just in time, it will not give you a chance to relax. Arriving few minutes before the scheduled time will help you feel much more comfortable and you will be able to concentrate on your lines without stress.


Tip # 3: Do breathing exercises

If you feel that at some point the nerves are taking over you, try inhaling until your lungs are full, hold it for 8 seconds and exhale slowly. Repeat the cycle a couple of times until you reach a bit of calm. This is recommended to do just before starting the audition.


Tip # 4: Warm up  your voice

Your voice is your instrument, and you must have it completely controlled so that it does not tremble doing the audition. By doing some voice warming exercises previously, it will help you a great deal.


Tip # 5: Avoid taking stimulant drinks or coffee

These types of drinks often alter the nervous system and what you seek is to stay calm. We recommend drinking water to hydrate and refresh yourself.


Tip # 6: Get to know other people

During your wait, take the opportunity to talk with other people. It is a good time to meet and connect with other talents in the industry. Nevertheless, try to keep the conversation away from the audition matters.


Tip # 7: Address the casting director

When you greet the director you will show that you are a self-confident, educated and kind person. It is important for the director know that not only you have the talent but that you are a nice person to work with in the future, and surely you will feel more relaxed once you do it.


Tip # 8: Impress them with your performance

Remember that you love acting. It is the right moment to give the best of you! Act like never before and enjoy the moment.


Tip # 9: Avoid seeking perfection

As contradictory as it sounds, perfection is in being as natural as possible. Avoid being overacted and forced.


Tip # 10: Be positive and take mistakes as learnings

The positive mental attitude will help you defeat fear and nerves. Think: I will do it very well!, I will give the best of me! Do not take the mistakes harshly. Learn from them, so you don’t make them again in the future.


Remember that if you are not chosen it is because it was not the role for you at that moment. Do not take it as a rejection, it does not mean you did not do it well either. Each casting is another experience that will nourish you as you travel throughout your artistic life.

Dinbog offers you the possibility to participate in many castings as well as  being part of a community closely linked to acting, where you can be in direct contact with actors and directors who will impulse you to be a click away from being discovered!

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Find out what is the education and training for dancers and choreographers.

March 25, 2019

Many dancers begin their training when they are young and continue to learn throughout their careers. Ballet dancers dabble in this discipline generally between 5 and 8 years of age for girls and some years later for boys. Their training becomes more serious as they enter adolescence, mostly ballet dancers begin their professional career at age 18.

The main professional dance companies usually have intensive summer training programs, in which they can select candidates to enter their regular full-time training programs.

Modern dancers usually begin their formal training while in high school. They attend after-school dance programs and summer training programs to prepare for their career or for a college dance program.

Some dancers and choreographers pursue post high school education. Many colleges and universities offer bachelor’s degrees and / or masters degrees in dance, generally through theater or fine arts departments. These programs can include courses in a variety of dance styles, incorporating styles such as modern dance, jazz, ballet and hip-hop. Most of the participants in the dance programs of the universities have previous formal training.

Many choreographers work as dance teachers. It is important to take into account that teaching dance classes at a university, high school or elementary school requires a university degree. Some dance studios and conservatories prefer instructors who have a degree; however, they can accept their candidate for their previous jobs instead of a title.

It is important to know and educate yourself in the discipline that you are passionate about, in order to develop your skills to their full potential.

Dinbog offers you to be part of a community closely linked to dance in general, where you can be in direct contact with people who will impulse you to be a click away from being discovered!

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How to choose the best tattoo machine when buying it

March 19, 2019

Choosing which is the best tattoo machine is a priority if you really want to dedicate yourself to this profession. Here we present valuable tips to help you in that process when buying a tattoo machine.


  • You should look at a machine that gives you the best performance and optimum quality, otherwise you could end up doing more tracing work, taking twice the time and with results that are not expected.
  • It is preferable that the machine you are going to buy vibrates very little, so that the tattoo has a good quality, without forgetting the power as it is an important aspect as well. In another words, choose a machine that can perform at a fast pace, but also has a system to avoid vibration installed.
  • Look for models that make very little noise. While this does not interfere with the quality of the tattoo, your clients, as well as you, having a tattoo machine that makes a lot of noise, is going to bother or even deconcentrate you from the work you are doing.
  • You have to monitor the quality of the components to take care of the resistance and durability. We recommend machines that have a heat dissipator that helps reduce the damage of main parts, being able to use it for more minutes without overheating, which could cause failures and shorten the life of the product. It is useless to have a machine without noise and less vibration if it has high frequency and in a short time most probably will end up being damaged.
  • The design of the machine also plays a fundamental role at the time of the election. Perhaps, the more complex the design is, more weight will have. We advise you to go for a compact model with few decorative elements so that they do not get in the way of your work. However, everything will depend on your comfort and taste.

Dinbog offers you the possibility of belonging to a community aimed at talents like you. Where you can share and learn valuable tips from other tattoo artists, and to be a click from being discovered

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10 Nutrition and Health Tips that will make you feel and look good

March 6, 2019

Between health and nutrition there still is a lot of confusion, but one thing is for certain, that there is well supported research about them. Here we present to you 10 tips science based that will surely help you live a healthy and nutritious life.


Tip #1: Avoid Drinking Sugar Calories

The most fattening thing that you can eat are sugar drinks. These types of liquid sugar calories such as sodas and fruit juices don`t register by the brain in the same way calories from solid foods do. Sugar drinks are very much associated with type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and many other important health problems. Drink water, instead,  it can help boost the amount of calories you burn.The best time to drink water is half an hour before meals.


Tip #2: Eat Nuts

Nuts are incredibly nutritious and healthy. They are loaded with magnesium, vitamin E, fiber and many other nutrients. Additionally, studies have shown that nuts can help you lose weight, fight type 2 diabetes, heart problems and boost metabolism.


Tip #3: Drink Coffee

Coffee is actually very healthy! It is high in antioxidants. Studies have revealed that coffee drinkers live longer to those that don’t drink it. Coffee reduces the risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, Parkinson, Alzheimer among others.


Tip #4: Eat Fish

Fish in general is very healthy, but particularly fatty fish like salmon is loaded with omega – 3 fatty acids and various other nutrients. It is important to incorporate fish in your regular diet. Studies show that eating fatty fish reduces the risk of diseases like dementia, depression and heart problems.


Tip #5: Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and Fruits are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, some of which have powerful biological effects. By default, fruits and vegetables are considered health food, and for a good reason. Studies show that people who eat the most vegetables and fruits live longer, and have a lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and all sorts of diseases.


Tip #6: Make Sure to Eat Enough Protein

Eating proteins on a daily basis is extremely important. Be sure to incorporate enough proteins in you diet. A high protein intake can boost metabolism significantly, while making you feel so full that you automatically eat fewer calories. It can also cut cravings and it reduces the need for late-night snacks. proteins lowers blood sugar and blood pressure levels, and it is particularly important for weight loss.


Tip #7: Use Extra Virgin Oil

The healthiest fat is extra virgin oil. It is filled with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and powerful antioxidants that can fight inflammation. It leads to many beneficial effects on heart health, and people who consume olive oil have a much lower risk of dying from heart attacks and strokes.


Tip #8: Get Enough Sleep

It is important to get enough “quality sleep”. It is just as important of having a balanced diet and doing exercise, if not more. Poor sleep can drive insulin resistance, uncontrol your appetite hormones, and reduce your physical and mental performance. It leads strongly to obesity and weight gain.


Tip #9: Do Some Cardio (Exercise)

Doing aerobic exercise (or cardio) is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health. It is particularly effective at reducing belly fat, the harmful type of fat that builds up around your organs. Reduced belly fat should lead to major improvements in metabolic health. Another recommendation is Yoga, not only will you be working your body, but your mind and emotions at the same time, looking for a beautiful balance.


Tip #10: Avoid Eating a Lot of Refined Carbohydrates

It is important to know that not all carbs are the same. Refined carbs are highly processed, which means that all their fiber has been removed. They are low in nutrients and can be very harmful. Carbohydrates are linked to overeating and numerous metabolic diseases.


Dinbog offers its users to be  part of a community closely linked to nutrition and health, where you can be in direct contact with people who will help and guide you to live a healthy life!

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Tips to help you become a DJ / Producer in 6 weeks

February 26, 2019

We present a practical guide for all those interested in making electronic music; It will only take six weeks.

Week 1: Acquire the tools and try them

Are you looking to be a DJ?

Acquiring some type of controller or turntable (which usually comes with the software) is the first thing you should do. You can download the software without the hardware, but it does not translate into the physical world as well when you need to do some DJing with your hands. We recommend starting with the right tools.

Are you looking to be a Producer?

You will need to obtain a copy of a digital audio workstation (DAW) software application. There are many popular options in the market.

Take your tools and try them without a guide. Let your brain get used to how the software / hardware feels. Think about what you want to happen and try to make it happen. You will probably feel frustrated at first because you do not know the tool in detail, but this is a normal part of the process.

Week 2: Create something from start to finish

In the first week, you will probably have control over the tools you will use and be more comfortable. In the second week, you must do a complete song (3 minutes of music) or a DJ mix (30 minutes) and put it immediately online so that some of your friends can criticize it and give you constructive feedback about your work. Extra points if one of your friends is a musician or is already a DJ. Take careful consideration of their comments. It will give you points of focus for the next step.

Week 3 and 4: Go through tutorials to work on focus points

At this point, you should start looking for guidance to help you with the things that stood out in the people who gave their opinion. For example, maybe you are choosing some songs within your music collection that do not make a good transition. Why is that? In this case you should investigate “basic concepts of DJ transition” and learn to equalize your tracks so that they mix better. Everything you think you need to know, the information is out there, look it up!

For musical production, you may have received comments such as “your battery needs work” or “this mix is ​​really silent” at some point. There are many tutorials available on tools that you have not yet tried, such as compressors and limiters and EQ. Learn more about the tools and watch other producers as they create their music to see what kind of things they are doing. You may not understand everything at first, but it will start to make more sense as you practice.

By the end of week 4, you should probably have two songs / mixes. Send them to your friends to receive comments. You always have to look for positive feedback.

Week 5: Time to think about the brand

If you want to show your talent to the world and be discovered, you need to create a couple of places where people can find you, here in Dinbog you have the tools and a perfect community to stand out and be found. You also need to create your personal brand so that people can recognize you in the crowd of other people who are doing the same. You can create a DJ or producer name that you are sure you will not want to change for a long time. It is always advisable to use your own name, it will be much simpler. Although some people prefer to create another artistic name. Consistency will be your strongest point as you build an audience, and changing names will make everything confusing.

Week 6: Rest! do something other than music

Stop producing, mixing, listening to electronic music. If you really want to have a musical career in production or as a DJ, in the sense of building your own content and not commercial music, then you’re going to have a long way to go. In such a way that it is important to take a break from work and enjoy your life. Then you can return with loaded batteries, more energy and more creative ready to create new music.

Now you have a guide on how to get inside and move around in this terrain. Remember, create, learn and continue trying in new ways. Enjoy the trip while you’re in it!

Dinbog offers you to be part of a community closely linked to music production and electronic music, where you can be in direct contact with people who will impulse you to be a click away from being discovered!

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Create the Appearance of Glowing Skin y 5 Easy Makeup Tips

February 18, 2019

When it comes to achieving the appearance of glowing skin, many of us need a little guidance. Don’t worry! we got you covered with these 5 easy makeup tips that will help you create the appearance of glowing skin.


Tip #1: Apply a Glow – Enhancing Lotion

Use a lotion that illuminates, there are several good options in the market available in different shades. This lotion hydrates and luminizes for an all-over fresh glow. Apply it alone or under makeup. We recommend to use one of the lighter shades to highlight, and a darker shade for an allover contour.

Tip #2: Add Glow-Boosting Drops to Your Foundation or Moisturizer

Getting your glow on is more attainable than you might think. Find glow-boosting drops, many good brands come in various shades. Apply alone or mix a drop or two into your foundation or face moisturizer for an all-over glow.


Tip #3: Use Multiple Highlighters

That’s right! multiple highlighters. There’s no reason sticking to just a single highlighter. Try applying different highlighters in different parts or spots of your face. Mixing a few will create a unique glow! Using a fan brush, sweep your favorite shade(s) onto the high points of your face, including your cheekbones, brow bones, the bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow, and the inner corners of your eyes.


Tip #4: Wet Your Makeup Brush

If you want to take your radiant makeup look to the next level, all you’ll need is a bit of water. Spritz the makeup brush you use to highlight with water (damp no dripping) and dip it into the powder highlighter. It will make your makeup look more dramatic. Apply and glow!!!


Tip #5: Illuminate your Body!

Your body also deserves some shine and shimmer. Dip a fluffy makeup brush into a loose highlighting powder and lightly brush it onto your neck and collarbones.


Makeup is a great way to fake a glowing complexion besides self tanners. Try these fun and easy tip to capture that glowing appearance you desire!


Dinbog offers you to be be part of a community closely linked to fashion and the entertainment industries, where you can be in direct contact with other makeup artists who will propel you to be a click away from being discovered!

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February 11, 2019

Today we offer you an important tip, the rule of thirds, one of the most famous composition standards used in photography, painting and design.

What is the rule of thirds?
It consists of mentally dividing the image into equal parts or zones. The standard can be applied to any type of photo to produce images that attract attention and give a feeling of greater depth and balance. In addition, you learn quickly and it is very easy to remember.

The image is divided into nine equal rectangles and, what is more important, you will have four points in which the lines will coincide. These are the so-called Strong or Principal Points of the image. A composition in which the elements are far from the center is more pleasing to the eye and seems more natural than one in which the object or subject is placed in the center. The composition of an image will be more harmonious and orderly if we put the important elements in the strong points. This causes the visual weight to increase and the whole photograph to be more balanced.

How is the rule of thirds applied at the time of taking the picture?

  • When you are in front of a scene that you want to photograph, you must imagine the lines that divide the picture in three by three and how, what you have in front, will be divided into those parts.
  • Then, evaluate which are the most important elements that you want to include in the photo, and try to place them as close as possible to the strong points that the grid has formed.
  • When photographing a landscape it is recommended to place the horizon near those horizontal dividing lines. This way you will avoid the sensation of splitting the image in two. If, in addition, you place the most important elements of the landscape near the vertical lines, you will obtain balanced and elegant photos.
  • As for portraits, it is best to position people on one side of the painting and leave what we call Air on the other side.
  • When the portraits are close-ups, it is recommended to place the eyes in one of the strong points.

Digital cameras and mobiles usually have a very useful option that draws lines on the screen following the rule of thirds. Following this norm will help you to balance your compositions, but do not forget that creativity counts when creating and this rule is not binding. Dare to try it!

Dinbog offers you to be part of a community closely linked to photography, where you can be in direct contact with people who will propel you to be a click away from being discovered!

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Identify the Main Characteristics of Choreographers

February 4, 2019

Choreographers create original dances and develop new interpretations of existing dances. They work in dance schools, theaters, dance companies and film studios. During the rehearsals, they usually demonstrate dance movements, to instruct the dancers in the proper technique. Many choreographers also perform the dance routines they create. Some choreographers work with artists who are not trained dancers. For example, the complex scenes of martial arts performed by actors in films are organized by choreographers specialized in martial arts.

Choreographers usually do the following activities:

  • Combine movements in a sequence to create new dances or interpretations of existing dances.
  • Choose the music that will accompany a dance routine.
  • Perform auditions of dancers for a role in a show or within a dance company.
  • Help with the design of costumes, lighting and other artistic aspects of a show.
  • Teach complex dance movements.
  • Study new and emerging types of dance to design more creative and dynamic dance routines.
  • Support the administrative tasks of a dance company, such as budget management.


Dinbog offers what is most important, being part of a community closely linked to dance in general, where you can be in direct contact with people who will propel you to be a click away from discovering you as a choreographer!


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Tips to stay active as a dancer

January 28, 2019

Know the main activities you should follow as a dancer

Dancers spend years learning dances and perfecting their skills. They usually act as part of a group and know a variety of dance styles, such as ballet, tap and modern dance. In addition to traditional presentations in front of a live audience, many appear on television, in videos on the Internet and in music videos, in which they can also sing or act. Many dancers perform at shows in casinos, theme parks and on cruises.

 Here we present a series of tips that you should take into account if you want to boost your career as a dancer:

  • Audition for a part in a show or for a job within a dance company.
  • Learn complex dance movements that entertain an audience.
  • Rehearse several hours each day to prepare for your performance.
  • Study new and emerging types of dances.
  • Work closely with instructors, choreographers or other dancers to interpret or modify the routines.
  • Attend promotional events, such as photography sessions, for the production in which they are presented.

Dinbog offers you the most important thing, being part of a community closely linked to dance, where you can be in direct contact with people who will propel you to be a click away from being discovered as a dancer!

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November 21, 2018
how to prepare acting skit

When submitting for an acting casting there are many factors to be aware off, despite how well practiced you may be. Dinbog wants to give you a series of tips to keep in mind to help you with any and all acting auditions:

Imagine this: While practicing your monologues or skits remember to imagine you are in front of an audience and most importantly the directors. Keep in mind the rush of sensations that you will be feeling (nerves, sweats, etc.).

– Prepare a text: Sometimes casting directors will send you their skit directly. Even if this is the case it is best to still be prepared with two monologues, one comedic and once dramatic, to demonstrate your dynamic skills.

Vocalize: Make sure you are speaking with clear diction and a load pitch. Warm up your vocal cords before the audition.

Wear clothes that makes you feel comfortable and confident: Remember the camera will catch everything. Make sure you have a clean face and if you wear makeup, that it is natural only highlighting your best features.

–  Mental Strength: Mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of rejection. If they do not pick you it may only be because they are not searching for a character like yours, so do not give up.

– Relax: This is easier said than done. Try to go as relaxed as possible. There will always be nerves before a big audition, but do not focus on your natural response simply focus on yourself and your goals. Calm down and concentrate.

After: Do not forget to treat yourself! Whether it went well or it was not what you expected, you should still celebrate your hard work. Remember to always take note of what could be improved on for next time, and simply keep on keeping on.

Mistakes will come with each casting, but it important to stay optimistic and use these mistakes as opportunities for improvement.

Log on to Dinbog and you will be yet one step closer to being discovered.