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Do you want to learn how to become a good hair-stylist? Find hereafter 5 tips for you to practice

August 19, 2019

A good hair stylist not only must know of his/her office impeccably, he/she also has to win his/her client’s confidence thanks to the security and trust his/her attitude will demonstrate. Anybody can cut hair, but only real stylists can make their clients totally satisfied with the results.


1.- Know how to read your clients wishes to understand what he/she really asks for

2.- Permanently update your knowledge of new looks and tendencies so as not to disappoint your clients proving them you can deliver adequately

3.- Know how to work under pressure, a must when you have to deal with the image and self-esteem of your client

4.- Keep an open-minded attitude and attention towards your client; making him/her comfortable will guarantee he/she will request your services again

5.- A well organized workspace will help you project a professional and responsible image.


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Dinbog, Tips

You want to be part of the music business, but you don’t know how? Let´s start!

August 14, 2019

One can think that being a singer – songwriter is just living a dream; it’s a twofold specialty. You must have the ability to write lyrics and melodies and be able to perform as an outstanding interpreter to be up to the challenge. One of the key points is training your voice adequately, and keeping a singing practice routine. 

In this post, we will share some advice and steps you must perform to become a great singer-songwriter

  • Use an instrument to accompany your voice
  • The key is to express your feelings
  • Take note of all the ideas you have
  • Express your emotion on a specific theme, then let it flow into song lyrics
  • Drinking water will help you improve your voice
  • Practice everyday and you will become a great singer-songwriter

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Dinbog, Tips

You are starting to practice running? Follow this advice

August 12, 2019

Running is a sport that is becoming very popular due to the fact you can practice it at every age, whenever you live and on top of it brings many benefits to your organism, physically and mentally.

Are you ready to start running and totally change your life style? If so, follow this advice so as you can successfully reach your objectives and improve your conditions, becoming a real expert.

  • Stretch your body before and after every training: heating and cooling phases are the most important part of your training. Dedicate 15 to 20 seconds to each muscle, making preparation and recovery more efficient
  • Define realistic objectives:  it is a good idea to alternate short walks between running sessions, and increase your rhythm until you reach to your objective
  • Get the adequate sports equipment: it’s important that you use the shoes that best adapt to your running style
  • Rest enough: the lack of sleep will affect your recovery, immunity and mental sharpness. Make sure to rest sufficiently so as to reach the maximum performance during your training
  • Take care of your nutrition: healthy nutrition is key to improve your training performance. Adapt your diet to your training program.

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Dinbog, Tips

How could you be a better cartoonist?

July 29, 2019

First, you need to have a sense of humor, but with no intention of mocking human defects, just to represent a funny situation. To be a cartoonist, start drawing a character whose appearance is uncommon and that has different traits.

Do you want to be a cartoonist with the best tools and possibilities?

Then it is time to start taking notes:

  • Think about what are you going to draw.
  • Draw scenes without any character.
  • If you already pick a character, practice in another sheet first, and find out the different cartoon styles that best adapt to yours.
  • Imagine the way your character would look.
  • Generate ideas about your character´s feelings and prepare your character to interact with events
  • Try making expressions in the mirror and then apply them to your character.
  • Describe a practical comic strip
  • If you want to create digital comics, start using the followings programs: Pencil, Tupi, Scratch or SynfigStudio

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5 tips to be great manager

July 24, 2019

Managers are very important figures in the career of any talent who wants to become a Star.

These tips are made it for those who fight to adapt to the new era. If you are starting your career as an artist representor, your work is to ensure their interest, also you got to have some qualities that give you the knowledge of your work environment.

It’s a bet, where the manager could lose the most precious thing that he have: his time.

Here you have some positive aspects that will help you:

  • Find the right producer or agent
  • Build your presence in RRSS
  • Prepare some monologs for emergency cases
  • Find your spot in the entertainment industry
  • Create a CV that includes pictures, other talents references that you already represent, all the diffusion material that you could find and a small example of your work

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How to perform when you are going to make a joke? Follow the next tips

July 15, 2019

When you are in a family reunion or with friends, you usually wonder how to tell a good joke, give a smart answer or just tell a story that could make the crowd laugh.

Here you have some valuable advice to show how good a comedian you are:

  • Should you try to tell some embarrassing anecdote, choose to represent yourself as the main actor or relate it to somebody who is not in the audience.
  • If you suffer scenic panic, you can’t tell your jokes well. Try to imagine that the audience is composed of close friends or figure out a situation that allows you to get comfortable, and act the funny way you want to.
  • Keep the rhythm, intonation or any other factor that helps you telling a joke.
  • Avoid quick jokes which may make you lose your charisma.
  • Watch the reaction of the audience and make mental notes about which jokes received the best reception.

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Dinbog, Tips

How to create your own choreography without being an expert? Follow the next tips

July 10, 2019


Many people think that dancing is just a sequence of steps, but How do you create such a sequence? Creating a dance routine requires creativity, patience and lots of work; Before creating the perfect routine you have to let the music inspire you, trust in your moves and in the ability of your dancers.  The most important thing is to have fun! Rehearse and represent your dance with trust.

Here you have some advice that may help you:

  • Create a story!.
  • Ask the opinion of a second person to generate more ideas.
  • Prepare the session by writing the routine.
  • Feel the emotion of the song.
  • Get to know your audience before creating your choreography.
  • Select a good song.
  • Choose a good routine, you can combine several styles.
  • If you are going to create your own steps, give them names
  • Practice the routine over and over
  • Don’t panic! Relax and play with the moves

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Tips to help you shine as an expert dressmaker

July 1, 2019

Fashion is so diverse these days, changes happen so quickly that we need to obey to some established patterns to look always fine and with the appropriate attire, according to the shape of the face, the   body features, weight and height.

That is why we bring you some techniques that will help you make your work noticeable.

  • For round or square faces, use of V neckline, vertical stripes, long accessories. Never use tight accessories around the neck, nor rounded collars, horizontal lines, nor square shaped shoes
  • Elongated faces will be favored by round necklines, horizontal stripes, neck accessories, clothing with checkers, balls or arabesques motives
  • For ample shoulders, V shaped collars, rolled sleeves and soft can be used
  • For actors with small hips, take advantage of ornaments at hip level, pockets or pleats
  • For thick legs, use straight cut pants
  • Check the global image and small details

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You can be the next famous director!

June 26, 2019

When you watch a movie, a series, or a novel, you are immersed in inside and outside settings. During the filming process, a wide variety of environments are required; many experienced designers take active part in the final result that spectators will discover when they happen to know the movie.

Improvisation could possibly give the movie a more realistic look; but understanding the styles, the tones, how to use sounds, lighting allows to create that scene that you definitely wanted to impact the audience.

We present you with these techniques that will help you not to make any mistake during the filming:

  • Sit down to watch many movies with a critical eye
  • Build a continuity trend to structure the movie
  • The setting´s style must look like the character´s one
  • Build a storyboard to describe the sequence of images, as a support to the story to be told
  • Create an animatic to show images and sounds that will help organizing the animation
  • Record dialogues before moving along with the animatic, because dialogs will define in most of the cases the duration of a scene

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Being on stage causes panic in you? Don´t miss the following tips

June 19, 2019

When you start feeling nervous, shaking o getting totally debilitated, do not panic, do not feel bad. It is a common reaction; even the most famous actors in Hollywood can suffer it.

You can overcome stage fear by training your body and your mind with a few tricks that will help you relax.

There are circumstances  when at the time of memorizing a script or improvising some scene we note that our heart is accelerating, our breathing is becoming shorter; this sensation can overtake all our body and get us to have this horrible thinking “I must leave” o “I am going to faint just here in the middle of the concert, in front of everybody: audience, partners, director, critics, etc.”

Let us present you with some advice, that sure can be of help:

  • Relax your body tensions
  • Develop you diaphragmatic breathing
  • Get your voice ready and quiet your mind before you start acting
  • Chew some gum for a while to reduce tension in your jaw
  • Take 15 to 20 minutes to meditate
  • Don´t drink coffee the day of your performance: it will make you feel more nervous and agitated
  • Look directly to a wall or a light while you perform

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