In how many languages is dinbog available?

Actually we count with the English and Spanish versions. Never the less, we keep expanding the scope of the social network.

Do you accept minors as users?

We accept minors from age 14. For them to be able to register they will have to present an authorization from their parents in which they approve the publication of their photographs. Those users that are 18 years old or older will only have to accept dinbog’s terms and conditions.

Do you accept overweight people or with physical disabilities?

Yes. Everyone who aspires to belong in the fashion, movie and tv industries has a place in the social network.

What is not permitted in dinbog?

Content related to pornography/insinuations and/or related to explicit sex. We do not promote this type of content.

What kinds of users exist in dinbog?

There are new faces, models, model agencies, photographers, producers, directors, actors, hosts and many other professionals in the fashion, movie and tv industries. There are also users registered as fans that interact with the content in the social network.

Do you have social networks?

Yes, you can find us in twitter and Instagram as @dinbogofficial, in facebook as Dinbog and in our Youtube channel as dinobg official.

How much material can be uploaded into an aspirant’s profile in dinbog?

An aspirants profile is designed to bring you the opportunity to publish photography portfolios, videos, information regarding campaigns you’ve worked in, avatar and posts.

How much material can a professional upload in dinbog?

A professional can upload as much material as they want in the portfolio, video and posts sections.

How much material can a fan upload in dinbog?

A fan cannot upload ant type of material. Their profile is designed to have fun in our social network with content of interest. We search for them to always be updated on new trends in the industry and interact with other users.

What are dinbog’s categories for the users when they register?

Right now aspirants and professionals can register in these categories: Model, Actor, Modeling Agencies/Manager, Fashion Designer, Stylist, Hair Stylist, Make-up Artist, Producer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Photography Studio, Youtube, Fashion Blogger, Fashion Marketing, Runway and Events, Cosmetology, Esthetics and Beauty, Fitness and Nutrition, Public Relations, Media, Brand, Institute/University.

It is our intention to expand the categories to as many related to the fashion, movie and tv as possible.

What actions can an aspirant do in dinbog?

An aspirant can search for other aspirants, users, follow and be followed, add friends, sen private messages between aspirants, receive job proposals, create posts, like, make comments, block profiles, upload picture portfolios, videos, edit their profile or add general information or physical characteristics.

What actions can a professional do in dinbog?

A professional can search for users such as companies and aspirants, follow and be followed, send private messages to aspirants or other professionals, create posts, like, make comments, block profiles, upload pictures, videos and portfolios. They can’t add friends.

What actions can a fan do in dinbog?

A fan can follow, comment or like from aspirants to professionals content or profiles. Because they are registered as fans, they can’t add friends, send job proposals or send private messages.

What sub categories are there in the model category?

In the model category there are three sub categories: new face, model and top model.

How can the models be categorized as new face, model or top model?

All those aspirants that include in their profile between 0 to 4 works are automatically classified as New Face. If they include between 5 to 10 works they will be classified as Model. If they include more than 10 works in their profile and apply as Top Model, their profil will go through a verification process from dinbog’s admissions committee and if they qualify , they will be classified as Top Model in their birth country, if not they will remain as Model.

Can an aspirant that belongs to an agency, register without their agency being registered in dinbog?

Yes, the aspirant will be able to register and indicate in their profile, the agency that they belong to, they would only have to wright the name of the agency and contact information. In the aspirants profile it would appear, instead of the agency’s logo, an image with the agency’s name.

Why would an aspirant profile not show in dinbog’s search?

For an aspirant that registers as a model or actor to show on dinbog’s search, they must fill their profile with their complete description and upload a minimum of three books. If they don’t accomplish this, they will have an active profile but they won’t show up in the search. The intention is for all our users to have a professional profile since they are being seen by companies and influential members of the industry.

Why did my profile picture change?

In dinbog we have basic parameters that the profile picture must follow this with the objective of promoting the professional character of the social network. In the case of models and actors, it’s important that they use a frontal picture, with a natural look; close up or extreme close up. This way every professional or company that enters their profiles will be able to have a clear vision of the talent’s faces.

When the aspirant profile picture does not follow these parameters, we reach out to them so they can change it. If it persists, we will find the best picture from their books that is inside the parameters, to replace the current picture.

How can an aspirant verify if the job proposal comes from a serious person or company?

Every aspirant will be able to measure and visualize the company or person’s reputation through a scoring system that with time will be granted by other aspirants with which the company or professional has worked previously.

How can a company or professional that is looking for a talent can verify if a candidate’s profile is real?

Once the company or professional sends a job offer, can check the reputation the candidate has by looking at the valorization obtained through his/her previous works. That way, the company or professional may have a reference of the candidate’s work ethic.

It is important to take in consideration that there are profiles within dinbog that are new users of our social network and therefore do not have previous jobs with other dinbog users. These profiles do not have a valorization of previous work done. This does not mean that these profiles are not real.

We recommend companies and professionals when contacting a candidate to check that the profile has a detailed description of the candidate’s physical characteristics and has uploaded a fairly good amount of books, work or videos that must agree with the descriptions provided.

Which privacy actions can users take within dinbog?

Users can report sent content through messages, videos, posts, comments or profiles. They can also make their books private and block other users.

Users must pay a commission or percentage to dinbog for each job opportunity generated within the social network?

Contacts or contracts made in our social network do not generate any costs to the dinbog users. That is the reason why dinbog has so much value to the industry.

Whose idea was to create dinbog?

The idea came from its CEO and founder, Aristides Carballo. dinbog is born from the way businesses are globalized through this great web.

dinbog was born with a vision:

To think that all businesses, no matter what their specialization might be, would migrate to the internet world; creating digital communities like dinbog.

Is this social network free or those it have any cost to be part of it?

Anyone who is interested in being part of the network can register without a fee.

Can an actress or actor register in dinbog?

Yes, registering under the ACTOR category.

Is dinbog thinking to expand worldwide?

We are already worldwide, with a presence over 190 countries.

Where is the company located?

dinbog is located in the United States.

Does dinbog have an app?

We are currently working on the app to be launched in the Android market and IOS. Nevertheless, our social network is responsive and it can be accessed through any mobile device.

What does dinbog mean?

The word dinbog comes from Danish, meaning “your book”.