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Complete your profile so you can be spotted

July 10, 2017

If your objective is to impulse your career, dinbog gives you the possibility to be spotted by many people of the fashion, film and TV industry. Many professionals worldwide are in the search for a specific profile, and if your profile has been filled with all the required information, you have more chances to be found and as a result you can land contracts locally or in other countries.

The first step you need to take is to complete all of your data, so professionals that are interested will be able to know and see your physical features such as your height, color of our skin and eyes, hair, etc. We also suggest including your previous jobs done, that way they can see your experience and for whom you have worked for in the past. Remember that all of your potential can be shown in your profile in dinbog.

If you are a new face, and you are starting in the fashion world, we suggest constant activity in the platform by publishing new content like photos and videos in order to keep the community informed about you. Remember, the greater the amount of information and content you have, higher the chances of becoming spotted and contacted.

Enter dinbog and follow our tips in order to be closer from being discovered.

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José Zamora, Infrastructure and Support Coordinator at dinbog

July 5, 2017

As Infrastructure and Support Coordinator, José Zamora is in charge of the administration of the infrastructure of Cloud Computing, as well as the administration and implementation of the security policies of the company. Zamora is aware of the necessities of the platform and the different teams that make dinbog. He is always looking for the best solutions to the technological problems that he may encounter. José is a team oriented person with the objective to understand the needs of other departments, being able to provide his expertise and experience whenever needed.

In constant contact with the international team, Zamora coordinates the infrastructure in its platform developments keeping it in the cloud of the organization, and at the same time, José is capable of optimizing time by coordinating the tasks of the technical support staff.

José is always willing to lend a helping hand and meet the necessities of his fellow co-workers.

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Professional advice for always looking good in photos

July 3, 2017

It is well known that in the fashion world, movie or TV, it is fundamental to maintain a good appearance, and to always know what benefits you when it comes to selling your image. That is why today we will give you some tips that will help you look good in all photos.

In first place, choose the first or last hours of the day. Light is very important, and midday does not benefit due to its harsh illumination. If you need to take them during these difficult hours, try to shoot them in a shadowy area.

Relax, professional photographers always encourage a relaxed attitude in front of the camera, it helps to achieve a very natural pose. When smiling, don´t forget to smile with your eyes “Smeyes” your eyes need to express the same happiness, otherwise it will look forced.

Look for your best angel in front of the mirror. Everyone can have a practiced pose, find it turning your body 45° or tilt your head a bit in respect to the position of the camera, and use that angel in your favor.

Project your chin and neck forward lightly, that way you will be more stylized, and you will be able to avoid the neck wrinkles that do not look any good in photos.

Separate your arms from your body, it is not advisable to keep them close to it. Aesthetically, keeping them close to the body makes you look wider.
Lastly, avoid holding your breath, you will appear with a tense look, and naturalness is what you need to aim for. In order to achieve it, your muscles have to be relaxed.

Go to dinbog a follow our tips, so you can be closer from being discovered.

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Sergio Chacón, Product Owner

June 28, 2017

As Product Owner, Sergio Chacon´s position is fundamental when it comes to making a project agile. Among his vital responsibilities, is to describe the user’s trajectory and to provide service support for each and every one of our users.

Sergio is responsible of organizing and collecting the interrogatives users might have. He also supervises the tasks of the Operation department, from the correct registry of the user to the analysis of their activity within our social network, while attending the necessities of the app and sharing them with the rest of the team.

Among other responsibilities, Sergio prioritizes the functionality of future developments paying close attention to the user’s needs and understanding their requests in order to translate these to the technology and marketing departments; having a complete view of the project and providing a global view to dinbog.

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Use our advanced search to find the profile you need in your casting

June 26, 2017

Do you need a specific profile for your next casting? Are you tired of wasting time and money in trying to find those actors or models that adapt to your project?

At dinbog we have developed a searcher that allows you to filter by specific characteristics the profile you are looking for. That means, you have higher chances of finding exactly what you want without dedicating too much time and free of charge.

Once your profile is registered, in our advanced search you will find numerous filter options:

1.- Model or professional.
2.- By name.
3.- By category
– New Face
– Model
– Top Model
4.- By gender
5.- By registration in the last 30 days.
6.- By country born from.
7.- By country of residence.
8.- By spoken language
9.- By physical characteristics.
10.- By age
11.- By height
12.- By weight

And other characteristics that are more detailed such as:

1.- Interests
2.- Eye color
3.- Ethnic group.
4.- Hair color
5.- Hair length
6.- Hair texture
7.- Special characteristics (Albino, Androgyny, with vitiligo, etc.)

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If you are blogger or youtuber, at dinbog there is a place for you!

June 20, 2017
blogger youtuber en dinbog

Are you a Blogger or Youtber interested in fashion? Get new followers worldwide publishing your posts and videos in dinbog!

If a you create content about fashion in your blog or video platform wanting to make it viral, dinbog offers you the space to share what you want to communicate with people that are related in the business. No matter if you have blog or a Youtube channel, create your profile and begin to share your content with the dinbog community.

Here are some suggestions on how to make the best profile possible:

– Enter and register your profile.
– Fill in all the required spaces of information.
– Begin to upload your videos and your content.

At dinbog you have more opportunities of being seen by models, brands, agencies, and any other professional that has to do with fashion, TV, and movie industries, so show all of your potential here at dinbog and be part of a social network that will connect you with more than 190 countries.

You are a click away from being discovered!

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How to improve your online presence in order to be discovered

June 12, 2017

If you want to have more opportunities in being discovered, you must take in consideration that the image that you project is very important, and that all of your actions in social networks could be determining. Due to it, we offer some helpful tips so that you can have an adequate presence on the web; taking in advantage all the tools that dinbog has to offer, not only for knowing the opportunities that brands and companies have to offer but also to promote your attributes and be placed on the spotlight for those who are looking for talent. Through this, a positive and long lasting perception will be achieved that will suggest mutual benefits in the relation.

You have particular and unique talents that can you can promote. Transmit them to others with enthusiasm in order to reach success in professional relationships. This is why we invite you to optimize your profile with high quality photos, so that your image is as close and complete as possible.

Maintain a publishing routine, so professionals do not miss a single detail of your work and develop a greater interest in you. You can make it part of your agenda in order to become a routine and have a new publication every week.

In order to have a more interesting profile and visualizations, share content with other professionals, not just talking about yourself but through the information you place that can enrich your community.

Follow these tips that dinbog has to offer. You are a click away from being discovered!

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If you are a Model or a new face, we are waiting for you!

June 1, 2017

If you are entering the fashion world, and you want to become a model and be recognized worldwide, go to dinbog the social network specialized in putting in touch new faces and models with professionals or specialists, brands, designers, photographers, makeup artists, producers and many others. It also gives you the possibility to enter castings that are being held in your city. What are you waiting for to register?

If you already have a profile, upload all your information, so you can be in the radar for those professionals that are searching for someone like you. Fill in all the requirements that ask for your jobs done, so your previous work and experience can been seen. Upload your portfolio or book in order to show your talent.

Can you imagine finding the job of your dreams? or to travel around the world working with the best brands?

At dinbog awaits unlimited opportunities for you across 190 countries and to reach your dream of working with the best worldwide.

Go to dinbog, you are a click away from being discovered!

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Want to know about nutrition and fitness?

May 30, 2017

At dinbog you will find professionals that provide information about nutrition and fitness, if you want to know about the best tips to keep you fit, register and you will find interesting information that can help you improve your life quality. Remember that to look good you have to take care of your health and body. Start taking care from within and at dinbog you can get great advice from qualified professionals.

If you are a nutrition or fitness specialist, you have a spot at dinbog, where you can show your work and provide health tips. You also have the opportunity for models and specialists of the fashion world, film and TV contact and request your knowledge and expertise to enhance their look.

We invite you to go to dinbog, register and start to be recognized around the world. It is very easy; upload your work, photos and videos in order to get closer to possible alliances with people that are looking for someone like you.

Go to dinbog and you will be much closer from being discovered.

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If you are a professional makeup artist, dinbog is for you!

May 22, 2017

A good makeup is fundamental for an excellent production. If you are a makeup artist at dinbog you will be able to show your talent and become recognized.

If you want to stand out for your work done, surelly someone is looking for a profile like yours. We invite you to upload all of your photos that highlight your personal signature, that something that makes you different from the rest; upload your videos that show your talent, share tips and any other information that may arise the attention of the fashion community at dinbog, making you achieve greater possibilities for success.

New face, Model, Top Model, Actor, Producer, Agencies, Brands are just some of the profiles that may be looking for someone with your talent. Make yourself known!

We are the social network that will change your future. Go to dinbog and you will be much closer from being discovered.

Social Networks: A good makeup is fundamental for the excellence of a production. If you are a makeup artist, at dinbog you will be able to show your talent and make yourself be known worldwide… you are a click away from being discovered!