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What is dinbog?

dinbog is the social network for fashion industry professionals, with presence in more than 190 countries, that seeks to integrate new faces, models, model agencies, photographers, producers, etc., to simplify the connecting and hiring process; maximizing exposure to a specialized audience.

Since February 2015 dinbog added functionalities to serve as a tool for the main players of the fashion world, no matter their location or geographic distance.

What does dinbog offer to fashion industry professionals?

By creating a profile on dinbog, users will be able to upload books, albums and videos. They’ll be able to make connections and establish networks around the world, enhancing their exposure and acquiring a competitive advantage when looking for new opportunities or talents.

A new face, model or top model can be followed and follow or friend other members, comment and like their contents and though the inbox, send/receive messages and job proposals.

A company (makeup artist, photographer, model agency, brand, etc.) can be followed and follow other members, comment and like their contents and though the inbox, send/receive messages and job proposals.

A follower can be part of dinbog, without necessarily being an industry professional, and follow the profiles that interest him and keep up with their updates.

The platform allows sharing your and your friend’s posts, photos and updates in other social networks, thus maximizing the reach, exposure and allowing to establish professional relations. In case of being a brand, dinbog allows addressing a highly segmented audience for any communication to its clients.

dinbog has an advanced search engine with which it hopes to become the first choice for agencies, production companies, brands and industry professionals when looking for new talents because it allows the use of different filters to obtain a more specific and efficient result. This facilitates the scouting or casting process because it lets you take into account details such as height, measurements, age, skin color, hair texture, country of residence, languages, etc.

This professional social network is available in English and Spanish. Soon it will also be in Mandarin, Russian, French, Italian, and Portuguese, among others.

Why dinbog?

It is an entrepreneurial venture with great potential because it is estimated that, around the world, there are more than 62 million people with the necessary qualities to become new faces. But many of them don’t have access to a model agency or have the luck to get discovered by a scout; but they do have access to the Internet, and can join dinbog for free.

… You’re a click away from being discovered