Stay Home!

May 4, 2020

The Social Markertplace Dinbog contributes to raising the awareness of staying home to win the battle against the pandemic. We want to support people so that during these days they can look for that “escape route”, doing what most inspires them, daring explore new territories or acquire new skills especially in the world of arts and entertainment such as painting, sculpture, music, dance, singing, photography, etc.  Dinbog is the ideal tool to promote the available skills of the world, opening a fantastic number of opportunities for emerging talent.

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8 pieces of advice you must take into account to become a good entertainer

September 5, 2019

Generally, in every event that we participate, there is a person in charge of directing, coordinating, animating or entertaining the audience. Those persons who show their charm in events are known as “entertainers”. If you want to learn how to master the art of entertainment, follow the following advice.

  1. Entertainment requires passion.
  2. You must be patient, your relation with the audience will not be easygoing in every occasion and you´ll sometimes need some time to make them comfortable with your performance.
  3. Be willing to learn from your experience, this will help you to better understand how to strengthen your relation with your audience.
  4. Being ready to accept criticism is important as your performance will never be appreciated by everybody.
  5. Practice improvisation; this is a key issue for you to interact with your audience in a more natural way.
  6. Develop your empathy.
  7. Learn from your more experienced colleagues.
  8. Avoid heavy jokes as a means to gain your audience.

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Dinbog present in the Venice Film Festival!

September 3, 2019

The Venice Film Festival also known as Biennale di Venezia is the biggest film festival in Europe and one of the most famous in the world. This year, it started on August 28, and will continue until September 7.

The objective of this great festival is to promote international movies as an art and an industry. It definitely is one of the most prestigious in the world, on top of its wide scope and growth.

At Dinbog, we are immersed in the world of art and entertainment, reason why we assisted as spectators at the first day of said celebration which takes place in Venice, Italy.

Dinbog always present in the growth and transformation of the creative industry!

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You don’t know how to write a song? Follow these tips

September 2, 2019

One of the most common problems when writing songs is that we may have an idea, a phrase or perhaps a very good rhyme that we feel can work, but we do not know how to conclude the corresponding creative process.

To awake the creativity there is in you, follow the following tips:

  • Idea: express your concept, that is what you want to say
  • Phrase: think of What sounds good? And What can work?
  • Rhymes: use two or more verses to build rhymes.
  • Melody: start your songs with only one instrument

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Do you want to be a ventriloquist?

August 28, 2019

Ventriloquists are people who have the ability to pronounce words without moving their lips. This skill is about changing the voice through slow exhalation as you speak, minimizing the movement of your lips and tongue, keeping immobile facial muscles in a way that the spectator attention it be on the source of the sound. This kind of dolls are often used in horror movies as an element to influence fear and restlessness on the spectators.

  How is possible that exist people who are able to pronounce words without using the lips? Is time to learn:

  •         Choose a doll that adapts itself to the character you want to create.
  •         If you are a beginner, try one with a moving head.
  •         The doll have to behave like it was alive.
  •         Procure that the puppet always be in constant movement even when is speaking.
  •         Use distraction to make an action believable
  •         Look for a personality that is different than yours, could be a joker.
  •         Try to pronounce the alphabet without moving the lips, it is a good exercise.
  •         Go to other ventriloquist shows and take note of the technique.

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Do you know already our advanced search engine?

August 27, 2019

In Dinbog you can search for talents and companies in the creative industry without any geographical limitations.

Use our advanced search engine to mark out and focus your search to the detail; not only does it allow you to select first and family names, it also helps you contact quickly and efficiently talent and/or company profiles based on your own criteria; just fill in the necessary fields and you will be taken to the profile that really corresponds to your request.

  • Find talents, you only have to filter. Choose category, name, gender, country of birth, location, language, ethnicity, body characteristics and a lot more.
  • Locate companies searching through name, category, country, city, product, service and a lot more

In Dinbog, you are a click away to find what you are looking for!

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6 tips to transmit emotions through a picture take it with a cellphone

August 26, 2019

The main skill of a good photographer is that he knows how to transmit emotions like joy, anger, and sadness through pictures.

If you are looking to go beyond in this art, them pay attention to the next tips:

  • Color: Vivid tones like orange, yellow, green, pink and purple are perfects to transmit joy, while the warm tones will help you to capture or express romance and intimate moments.
  • Body language: when you take a portrait, the position of hands, arms, and legs plays a fundamental role; for example, both hands covering the face indicates sadness and one hand in the forehead may indicate guiltiness
  • Details are your big allies: is not always necessary to take a full body picture to transmit a feeling.
  • Be careful with the scenery: Is really important get to know the environment, if your photoshoot its in a forest with fog, them mystery will be an important feature of your work, while if you make your photoshoot on a sunny beach, it will express joy.
  • Gaze: transmit what the main character is living, taking into account the context, that’s why you gotta make enfasis in this aspect.
  • Emotional Charge: Illumination plays a very important role in photography, the more lighting, the spectator will be inclined to positive sensations, instead darkness and code images are related with suffering and enigma.

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8 basic pieces of advice to beginner journalists

August 21, 2019

Journalists are the main heralds of freedom of speech on top of investigating matters of general interest, summarizing and publishing them among available communication channels. Said that, a good journalist is the one who quickly obtains relevant, concise and precise information.

If you are starting to venture in the world of journalism, follow this advice:

1.- Never take for granted what you receive; always validate the information you receive so that your credibility will never be at stake.

 2.- Avoid redundancy in the way you communicate so as not to bore your audience.

3.- Always have a backup of your work, taking into account that failure of your hard disks, recorders or batteries can happen any time.

5.- Implement safety protocols for any circumstance in case you enter into situations of risk.

6.- Develop networking habits. Consider participating in professional community events to create a contact base. 

7.- There is always a story to tell; even in day to day situations can you find inspiration to create your articles.

8.- Trust your instincts when investigating, but when publishing use only the data you have (do not modify your story based on hunches).

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