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Identify the Main Characteristics of Choreographers

February 4, 2019

Choreographers create original dances and develop new interpretations of existing dances. They work in dance schools, theaters, dance companies and film studios. During the rehearsals, they usually demonstrate dance movements, to instruct the dancers in the proper technique. Many choreographers also perform the dance routines they create. Some choreographers work with artists who are not trained dancers. For example, the complex scenes of martial arts performed by actors in films are organized by choreographers specialized in martial arts.

Choreographers usually do the following activities:

  • Combine movements in a sequence to create new dances or interpretations of existing dances.
  • Choose the music that will accompany a dance routine.
  • Perform auditions of dancers for a role in a show or within a dance company.
  • Help with the design of costumes, lighting and other artistic aspects of a show.
  • Teach complex dance movements.
  • Study new and emerging types of dance to design more creative and dynamic dance routines.
  • Support the administrative tasks of a dance company, such as budget management.


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