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Analysis and evaluation of efforts with a view to a promising future

February 14, 2019

Dinbog receives a current and future valuation from Deloitte, where the company’s current technology, operation, structure and its target market were analyzed. An estimate of the Fair Market Value of the company’s shares was developed through the application of valuation techniques.

The valuation and projections of a company are a way of facing the reality of the market, of comparing itself with other companies of the same sector or that develop a similar activity and it is a way of analyzing the profitability differentials that will finally affect its value. It is a clear way to improve the value of a company, as it involves an analysis of its areas of opportunity and compares the improvements that can be made.

Today, many companies that use the valuation methodology to analyze their value with each year-end or series, this is usually presented to the partners of the company each year demonstrating objective evolution and always under the same model or pattern of valuation used. Dinbog valuing its future!

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