10 Tips That Will Help You Calm Your Nerves Before a Casting

April 15, 2019

All actors, no matter how experienced they may be, are not immune to nerves during a casting. When faced with a challenge that matters to them, nerves can play a trick if there is a possibility of failure. Due to this feeling of nerves that we all have felt in our lives, we present 10 tips that will surely help in your next audition.


Tip # 1: Prepare Well

The more you know about your role and fully memorize your lines, the better you will feel. Your mind will be focused on the task and less on your nerves. Maintaining your concentration on the goal is essential. One way to achieve it is to visualize yourself acting the part.


Tip # 2: Arrive before the scheduled time

If you arrive just in time, it will not give you a chance to relax. Arriving few minutes before the scheduled time will help you feel much more comfortable and you will be able to concentrate on your lines without stress.


Tip # 3: Do breathing exercises

If you feel that at some point the nerves are taking over you, try inhaling until your lungs are full, hold it for 8 seconds and exhale slowly. Repeat the cycle a couple of times until you reach a bit of calm. This is recommended to do just before starting the audition.


Tip # 4: Warm up  your voice

Your voice is your instrument, and you must have it completely controlled so that it does not tremble doing the audition. By doing some voice warming exercises previously, it will help you a great deal.


Tip # 5: Avoid taking stimulant drinks or coffee

These types of drinks often alter the nervous system and what you seek is to stay calm. We recommend drinking water to hydrate and refresh yourself.


Tip # 6: Get to know other people

During your wait, take the opportunity to talk with other people. It is a good time to meet and connect with other talents in the industry. Nevertheless, try to keep the conversation away from the audition matters.


Tip # 7: Address the casting director

When you greet the director you will show that you are a self-confident, educated and kind person. It is important for the director know that not only you have the talent but that you are a nice person to work with in the future, and surely you will feel more relaxed once you do it.


Tip # 8: Impress them with your performance

Remember that you love acting. It is the right moment to give the best of you! Act like never before and enjoy the moment.


Tip # 9: Avoid seeking perfection

As contradictory as it sounds, perfection is in being as natural as possible. Avoid being overacted and forced.


Tip # 10: Be positive and take mistakes as learnings

The positive mental attitude will help you defeat fear and nerves. Think: I will do it very well!, I will give the best of me! Do not take the mistakes harshly. Learn from them, so you don’t make them again in the future.


Remember that if you are not chosen it is because it was not the role for you at that moment. Do not take it as a rejection, it does not mean you did not do it well either. Each casting is another experience that will nourish you as you travel throughout your artistic life.

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