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Techniques you won’t miss if you wish to be an expert in Orchestra Director

May 22, 2019

Everyone who observes a Symphony Orchestra will stop for a little pause to pay attention to the director, which is essential, it’s his brain that will put the soul to the musical score and performance after all.

We present to you these simple techniques to achieve the role of the Orchestra director; it will only take a few months if you are really into it.

  •        The high spot in front of the musicians it’s not about superiority; but also makes easy for the musician to look at the director while playing the instrument.  It may seem like too theatrical, however, musicians need the explicit of gestures to recognize correctly on the scene.
  •        Listen with attention to scales and mechanic exercises in the best way possible. It is equivalent to a daily repeat the letters of the alphabet. The practice is everything.
  •      You must have feet firmly on the ground, parallel to the shoulders; just as setting the arms at the same height.  It’s crucial to know the right way to do this; losing the sense of balance at a decisive moment could end with several back issues and a bad presentation.
  •   It is necessary to spend hours in front musical score before any presentation to analyze every detail the guidelines and exam where do you precise to mark. You must listen to the unity inside your head.

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