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Tips for becoming an artist in “Stop Motion”

May 27, 2019

If you are wondering how do movies like “Nightmare before Christmas” and “Jim and the giant peach” we got it for you. We are talking about “Stop Motion” which is based on the manipulation of figures and each of their movements being photographed, and so, after a series of frames, creating the illusion that this figure moves by itself, doing the appearance of being alive.

Generating an animation like this kind may be easy, but in fact, it consumes a lot of time and it could be monotonous. However, it is a fantastic hobby that, with a lot of dedication, it could become in your career.

We present to you these tips especially for you!

  • Be patience, this could take time.
  • You can make a simple one for a start with a simple camera.
  • Illumination is essential.
  • You can use any material to do the animation. From a simple coin to plastic figures or else.
  • Have in mind that every picture you take it must have the smallest modification to make the moves look real.
  • Keep images somewhere safe and classify them. If you do the pics from your phone, an app like Iphoto to create an album separated from your personal photos it would be a great help.

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