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Dinbog representing at the Miami Beacon Council

May 28, 2019

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council, it’s a private-public association based on organization and economic developing of Miami-Dade County. The organization improves the growth and expansion of local businesses, as like national and international too.

This meeting was focused on the industry development of the creative industry inside the city.

In this opportunity, we could make a tour for a new co-working space out of its facilities with the plan of promoting the place, which is specially designed for the industry of cinema and television.

As curious facts, The VP of Investigation and planning strategy of the city, Jaap Donath, said that today Miami can count on these goals:

  • Better City making business with Latin-America.  
  • Happies Place to Work, according to Forbes.
  • Number 1 in startups activities all over the USA, according to The Kauffman Foundation Index.

We are very excited about calling Miami our new home, we make sure that among with The Beacon Council, we may incorporate to a productive life of the city in the most agile and positive way.

Dinbog always supporting the development and transformation of the creative industry!


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