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Change your look with these trending tips

June 10, 2019

We all arrive at a point in our lives that we need to refresh our image, but how do we know which look is going to match with us?

When observing celebrities, we delight with their fabulous haircuts, new colors, hairstyles, and everything that is trendy. Remember, in the world of entertainment, be on trend is the first distinctive you need to glow.

If you decide to change your look, we will give you a guide for you to find a style that highlights your factions and adapts to your face type:

  • Round face: the ideal thing for you is to look for hairstyles and haircuts to visually enlarge the face, some volume on the top and vertical sharpness cut to the cheeks down below.
  • Oval Face: in this case, you can go with a longer haircut, in the function of other elements, like necks length.
  • Enlarged face: the middle line suits you, with or without fringe. Avoid hairstyles with too much volume.
  • Square face: if you have this type of face, the best for you is to go with an intense volume till shoulders or below the jaw (avoid straight hairstyles).
  • Triangle face: triangle faces suit the long hair. Just as vertical sharpness cut to the cheeks down below. Which brings naughty and personality for your face.


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