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Take note if you want to be the next? dubbing actor!

June 13, 2019

Being part of our favorite cartoons has been the dream of every person who loves animation. Would you like to have the privilege of no only watch them, but become one of them? We have the perfect job for you!

They call “Dubbing actors” or “voiceover actors”. A profession that besides being super fun, it takes lots of work. It’s true that your interpretation won’t show up in the images; however, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dramatize, move the body, the head, hands or gestures.

The fact that you have a good voice it’s not a synonym of being a good voiceover actor; you must express yourself in every sense to gain the emotion you want to transmit.

When you are a dubbing actor, new horizons open to allow you to expand this dream far away beyond any frontier.

For this reason, we got some techniques for you:

  • Read out loud about 30 minutes per day.
  • Keep your voice healthy and save with a lot of hydration. Keep away from cigarettes and everything else that could hurt your voice.
  • Meanwhile you are practicing, record, play and record again as much as necessary. Listen to yourself will give you a better appreciation of how your voice sounds to everyone and a better understanding to improve it.
  • Lay down on the floor and inhale and exhale deeply, making an “shh” sound while exhaling.
  • Take oratory, voice management, and locution classes.
  • Imitate sounds could help you develop flexibility; with this, you may recognize the frequency and tone.
  • Express completely your emotions and personality through your voice.


Dinbog offers you belong to a community addressed to talents.

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