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June 26, 2019

When you watch a movie, a series, or a novel, you are immersed in inside and outside settings. During the filming process, a wide variety of environments are required; many experienced designers take active part in the final result that spectators will discover when they happen to know the movie.

Improvisation could possibly give the movie a more realistic look; but understanding the styles, the tones, how to use sounds, lighting allows to create that scene that you definitely wanted to impact the audience.

We present you with these techniques that will help you not to make any mistake during the filming:

  • Sit down to watch many movies with a critical eye
  • Build a continuity trend to structure the movie
  • The setting´s style must look like the character´s one
  • Build a storyboard to describe the sequence of images, as a support to the story to be told
  • Create an animatic to show images and sounds that will help organizing the animation
  • Record dialogues before moving along with the animatic, because dialogs will define in most of the cases the duration of a scene

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