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Tips to help you shine as an expert dressmaker

July 1, 2019

Fashion is so diverse these days, changes happen so quickly that we need to obey to some established patterns to look always fine and with the appropriate attire, according to the shape of the face, the   body features, weight and height.

That is why we bring you some techniques that will help you make your work noticeable.

  • For round or square faces, use of V neckline, vertical stripes, long accessories. Never use tight accessories around the neck, nor rounded collars, horizontal lines, nor square shaped shoes
  • Elongated faces will be favored by round necklines, horizontal stripes, neck accessories, clothing with checkers, balls or arabesques motives
  • For ample shoulders, V shaped collars, rolled sleeves and soft can be used
  • For actors with small hips, take advantage of ornaments at hip level, pockets or pleats
  • For thick legs, use straight cut pants
  • Check the global image and small details

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