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5 tips to be great manager

July 24, 2019

Managers are very important figures in the career of any talent who wants to become a Star.

These tips are made it for those who fight to adapt to the new era. If you are starting your career as an artist representor, your work is to ensure their interest, also you got to have some qualities that give you the knowledge of your work environment.

It’s a bet, where the manager could lose the most precious thing that he have: his time.

Here you have some positive aspects that will help you:

  • Find the right producer or agent
  • Build your presence in RRSS
  • Prepare some monologs for emergency cases
  • Find your spot in the entertainment industry
  • Create a CV that includes pictures, other talents references that you already represent, all the diffusion material that you could find and a small example of your work

Dinbog offers you the opportunity to belong to a community of talents.

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