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How could you be a better cartoonist?

July 29, 2019

First, you need to have a sense of humor, but with no intention of mocking human defects, just to represent a funny situation. To be a cartoonist, start drawing a character whose appearance is uncommon and that has different traits.

Do you want to be a cartoonist with the best tools and possibilities?

Then it is time to start taking notes:

  • Think about what are you going to draw.
  • Draw scenes without any character.
  • If you already pick a character, practice in another sheet first, and find out the different cartoon styles that best adapt to yours.
  • Imagine the way your character would look.
  • Generate ideas about your character´s feelings and prepare your character to interact with events
  • Try making expressions in the mirror and then apply them to your character.
  • Describe a practical comic strip
  • If you want to create digital comics, start using the followings programs: Pencil, Tupi, Scratch or SynfigStudio

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