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You are starting to practice running? Follow this advice

August 12, 2019

Running is a sport that is becoming very popular due to the fact you can practice it at every age, whenever you live and on top of it brings many benefits to your organism, physically and mentally.

Are you ready to start running and totally change your life style? If so, follow this advice so as you can successfully reach your objectives and improve your conditions, becoming a real expert.

  • Stretch your body before and after every training: heating and cooling phases are the most important part of your training. Dedicate 15 to 20 seconds to each muscle, making preparation and recovery more efficient
  • Define realistic objectives:  it is a good idea to alternate short walks between running sessions, and increase your rhythm until you reach to your objective
  • Get the adequate sports equipment: it’s important that you use the shoes that best adapt to your running style
  • Rest enough: the lack of sleep will affect your recovery, immunity and mental sharpness. Make sure to rest sufficiently so as to reach the maximum performance during your training
  • Take care of your nutrition: healthy nutrition is key to improve your training performance. Adapt your diet to your training program.

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