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Do you want to learn how to become a good hair-stylist? Find hereafter 5 tips for you to practice

August 19, 2019

A good hair stylist not only must know of his/her office impeccably, he/she also has to win his/her client’s confidence thanks to the security and trust his/her attitude will demonstrate. Anybody can cut hair, but only real stylists can make their clients totally satisfied with the results.

1.- Know how to read your clients wishes to understand what he/she really asks for.

2.- Permanently update your knowledge of new looks and tendencies so as not to disappoint your clients proving them you can deliver adequately.

3.- Know how to work under pressure, a must when you have to deal with the image and self-esteem of your client.

4.- Keep an open-minded attitude and attention towards your client; making him/her comfortable will guarantee he/she will request your services again.

5.- A well organized workspace will help you project a professional and responsible image.

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