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8 basic pieces of advice to beginner journalists

August 21, 2019

Journalists are the main heralds of freedom of speech on top of investigating matters of general interest, summarizing and publishing them among available communication channels. Said that, a good journalist is the one who quickly obtains relevant, concise and precise information.

If you are starting to venture in the world of journalism, follow this advice:

1.- Never take for granted what you receive; always validate the information you receive so that your credibility will never be at stake.

 2.- Avoid redundancy in the way you communicate so as not to bore your audience.

3.- Always have a backup of your work, taking into account that failure of your hard disks, recorders or batteries can happen any time.

5.- Implement safety protocols for any circumstance in case you enter into situations of risk.

6.- Develop networking habits. Consider participating in professional community events to create a contact base. 

7.- There is always a story to tell; even in day to day situations can you find inspiration to create your articles.

8.- Trust your instincts when investigating, but when publishing use only the data you have (do not modify your story based on hunches).

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