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6 tips to transmit emotions through a picture take it with a cellphone

August 26, 2019

The main skill of a good photographer is that he knows how to transmit emotions like joy, anger, and sadness through pictures.

If you are looking to go beyond in this art, them pay attention to the next tips:

  • Color: Vivid tones like orange, yellow, green, pink and purple are perfects to transmit joy, while the warm tones will help you to capture or express romance and intimate moments.
  • Body language: when you take a portrait, the position of hands, arms, and legs plays a fundamental role; for example, both hands covering the face indicates sadness and one hand in the forehead may indicate guiltiness
  • Details are your big allies: is not always necessary to take a full body picture to transmit a feeling.
  • Be careful with the scenery: Is really important get to know the environment, if your photoshoot its in a forest with fog, them mystery will be an important feature of your work, while if you make your photoshoot on a sunny beach, it will express joy.
  • Gaze: transmit what the main character is living, taking into account the context, that’s why you gotta make enfasis in this aspect.
  • Emotional Charge: Illumination plays a very important role in photography, the more lighting, the spectator will be inclined to positive sensations, instead darkness and code images are related with suffering and enigma.

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