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Do you want to be a ventriloquist?

August 28, 2019

Ventriloquists are people who have the ability to pronounce words without moving their lips. This skill is about changing the voice through slow exhalation as you speak, minimizing the movement of your lips and tongue, keeping immobile facial muscles in a way that the spectator attention it be on the source of the sound. This kind of dolls are often used in horror movies as an element to influence fear and restlessness on the spectators.

  How is possible that exist people who are able to pronounce words without using the lips? Is time to learn:

  •         Choose a doll that adapts itself to the character you want to create.
  •         If you are a beginner, try one with a moving head.
  •         The doll have to behave like it was alive.
  •         Procure that the puppet always be in constant movement even when is speaking.
  •         Use distraction to make an action believable
  •         Look for a personality that is different than yours, could be a joker.
  •         Try to pronounce the alphabet without moving the lips, it is a good exercise.
  •         Go to other ventriloquist shows and take note of the technique.

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