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8 pieces of advice you must take into account to become a good entertainer

September 5, 2019

Generally, in every event that we participate, there is a person in charge of directing, coordinating, animating or entertaining the audience. Those persons who show their charm in events are known as “entertainers”. If you want to learn how to master the art of entertainment, follow the following advice.

  1. Entertainment requires passion.
  2. You must be patient, your relation with the audience will not be easygoing in every occasion and you´ll sometimes need some time to make them comfortable with your performance.
  3. Be willing to learn from your experience, this will help you to better understand how to strengthen your relation with your audience.
  4. Being ready to accept criticism is important as your performance will never be appreciated by everybody.
  5. Practice improvisation; this is a key issue for you to interact with your audience in a more natural way.
  6. Develop your empathy.
  7. Learn from your more experienced colleagues.
  8. Avoid heavy jokes as a means to gain your audience.

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