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Dinbog present in the Venice Film Festival!

September 3, 2019

The Venice Film Festival also known as Biennale di Venezia is the biggest film festival in Europe and one of the most famous in the world. This year, it started on August 28, and will continue until September 7.

The objective of this great festival is to promote international movies as an art and an industry. It definitely is one of the most prestigious in the world, on top of its wide scope and growth.

At Dinbog, we are immersed in the world of art and entertainment, reason why we assisted as spectators at the first day of said celebration which takes place in Venice, Italy.

Dinbog always present in the growth and transformation of the creative industry!

Dinbog, News

Do you know already our advanced search engine?

August 27, 2019

In Dinbog you can search for talents and companies in the creative industry without any geographical limitations.

Use our advanced search engine to mark out and focus your search to the detail; not only does it allow you to select first and family names, it also helps you contact quickly and efficiently talent and/or company profiles based on your own criteria; just fill in the necessary fields and you will be taken to the profile that really corresponds to your request.

  • Find talents, you only have to filter. Choose category, name, gender, country of birth, location, language, ethnicity, body characteristics and a lot more.
  • Locate companies searching through name, category, country, city, product, service and a lot more

In Dinbog, you are a click away to find what you are looking for!

Dinbog, News

AT&T SHAPE 5G in Warner Bros

July 30, 2019

5G technology connected with Warner Bros this summer on 22 and 23 of June brought by AT&T SHAPE. AT&T SHAPE designed some interactive activities that allowed the audience to figure out the response capacity and the limitless speed of 5G.

Dinbog was part of the guests who explored the new technology and the future of the entertainment through interactive exhibitions and brilliants speakers. The visitors tested in front row IoT and smart control technologies that AT&T is connecting through 5G so that people can enjoy immersive entertainment with volumetric video capture and virtual reality provided by Warner Bros.

Dinbog always present in the most updated trends of the digital world.


Dinbog, News

Google Cloud Summit Madrid 2019

July 17, 2019

The most important Google Cloud event in Spain was held on June 12 in Madrid, this third edition was dedicated to technical and strategic sessions in different areas of the Cloud ecosystem, to connect with Google Cloud experts in ML / AI demonstrations , IoT, Google Maps, Chrome, collaboration and security.

Other topics discussed at the Summit have been to modernize the IT infrastructure so that you can concentrate on coding and innovation, accelerate application development, obtain real-time data analysis between connected devices, create intelligence from data with ML and adopt predictive analytics.

Dinbog had the opportunity to attend real use cases through the sessions of 50 speakers who have discussed the latest advances in Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data or Machine Learning applied to business.

Dinbog always present in the most updated trends of the digital world.


Dinbog, News

Dinbog riding the last digital technologies

July 2, 2019

53% of global companies are considering blockchain as one of their 5 strategic priorities; for that reason, Dinbog, always in the forefront, was present on the biggest digital transformation event in the world, LiveWorx19 Digital Transformation that took place last June 10-13 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC). The Enterprise Blockchain Summit was the opportunity for business leaders from all over the world to explore the crossroads of blockchain and enterprise.

Dale Christie, Fedex Blockchain strategist, presented the opportunities blockchain will create for organizations.

Dinbog always at the technological forefront!



Dinbog, News

Dinbog at the Digital Enterprise Show 2019

June 12, 2019

In Dinbog we are immersed in the digital transformation process, that’s why we couldn’t miss the opportunity to be part of more than 20.000 visitors that gathered the past May 21th at the fourth edition of DES (Digital Enterprise Show) which took place in Madrid, one of the most important events of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

This encounter served as a meeting place for the principal tech multinationals, startups, consultors and sector professionals.

Leader tech companies in Artificial Intelligence or Cybersecurity like IBM, Accenture, Altran, T-Systems, Globant, KPMG, among 300 firms, took part in this new edition that highlighted 4.0 industry, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence as technologies that drive the worldwide digitalization.

Dinbog always present in the most updated trends of the digital world.


Dinbog, News

Dinbog representing at the Miami Beacon Council

May 28, 2019

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council, it’s a private-public association based on organization and economic developing of Miami-Dade County. The organization improves the growth and expansion of local businesses, as like national and international too.

This meeting was focused on the industry development of the creative industry inside the city.

In this opportunity, we could make a tour for a new co-working space out of its facilities with the plan of promoting the place, which is specially designed for the industry of cinema and television.

As curious facts, The VP of Investigation and planning strategy of the city, Jaap Donath, said that today Miami can count on these goals:

  • Better City making business with Latin-America.  
  • Happies Place to Work, according to Forbes.
  • Number 1 in startups activities all over the USA, according to The Kauffman Foundation Index.

We are very excited about calling Miami our new home, we make sure that among with The Beacon Council, we may incorporate to a productive life of the city in the most agile and positive way.

Dinbog always supporting the development and transformation of the creative industry!


Dinbog, News

Support in Capital Increase

May 23, 2019

With the support of Deloitte’s global network and through its methodologies and experiences in corporate finance services and business model design, we plan to do several structured capital raisings in 5 successive rounds starting from Series A.

In order to grow and internationalize a startup, no matter what the final objectives are, is to raise the amount of capital that can be the difference between having a dream and making it a reality.

In the case of Dinbog we want to offer our users new experiences through tools designed exclusively thinking about their needs such as: Events, Contests and Want Ads. The operation’s team works tirelessly to strengthen a reality that day by day becomes stronger with a view to a promising future!