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  • Who are we?
  • What does Dinbog offer talents and companies?
  • Objectives.
  • Corporate Benefits.
  • Our History.
  • Entrepreneurs Team.
  • Advisory Team.
  • Operations Team.
  • Problem and Solution.
  • Differentiating Elements.
  • Types of pages (current and future).
  • Functionalities (current and future).
  • Brand.
  • Contacts.



» ¿Who are we?

The social marketplace that energizes the creative industry and orange economy, optimizing the process of searching, connecting and hiring talent. Our marketplace will be backed by smart contracts, safeguarded by blockchain technology.

Our initial business model is based on premium subscriptions and sponsored content.


» ¿What does Dinbog offer to the talents and companies?

By creating a profile in Dinbog, users, both talents and companies, can upload their books, portfolios, videos, music, and information about their work done. They will be able to post, make connections and establish networks of contacts around the world, promoting exposure and providing a competitive advantage when looking for new job opportunities or finding new talent or companies.

Every talented user can follow, be followed or establish a friendship with other members, comment and indicate I like their different contents and with the internal messaging system, send/receive messages and respond to work proposals.

A company (producers, photo studios, modeling agencies, brands, etc.) can be followed and follow other members, comment and indicate how they like their different contents, and with the internal messaging system, send/receive messages and send/respond to work proposals.

A Fan can be part of the social marketplace, without necessarily being a talent of the industry, post, share URL and follow the profiles of their interest in order to be updated of their publications.

The platform allows users to share publications, photos or status updates of their own profile and their contacts in other social networks, multiplying the scope, exposure and allowing professional relationships. In case of being a brand, it gives access to a highly segmented audience for communications with its clients.

Dinbog has an advanced talent search engine with which it expects to be the first option for agencies, producers, brands and other companies in the industry when searching for new talent, since it allows selecting different filters to obtain a more specific result and effective facilitating the processes of scouting or casting, taking into account details such as height, measurements, age, skin color, hair texture, country of residence, languages, among others.

Dinbog is available in English and Spanish. Currently, they continue working to expand the languages ​​of the social network.


» Objectives

  • Promote the value proposition as a social marketplace.
  • To position Dinbog worldwide as the connector of talents and companies of the creative industry and orange economy.
  • To boost the number of users.
  • Project the professional careers of the users.
  • Filter the search parameters, facilitating this process, in addition to contact and hire.
  • Show current trends
  • Offer users a wide range of benefits that will boost their careers within an exclusive community of the sector.


» Corporate Benefits

Dinbog LLC is a company that offers its employees development opportunities, personal and professional growth.

We offer our employees the possibility of projecting their career internationally, transcending as part of the creative team of a social network every day in expansion and a pioneer in your area. Our collaborators will be able to grow and expand to their fullest potential and as far as they wish to go. As a solid company, we seek welfare and satisfaction through a policy based on transparency.

Through Dinbog you can immediately access a global market, with talents from more than 190 countries.

By using a variety of filters, you will be able to find a diversity of profiles, with a high level of segmentation. Generate cost savings by simplifying the work of scouting the talents of the industry.

» Our History


» Team

Entrepreneur Team

 Advisory Team

  • Lawyer –  Juan Pablo Cappello.
  • Lawyer – Lisbeth Flores.
  • CEO Intervzla / CEO Tv Hd Chile – Eduardo Stigol.
  • President / CEO Commodities Sector – Victor Carballo.









» The problem

  • Did you know Hiring Companies are spending between USD 10,000 and USD 300,000 annually in scouting and, castings can last for months before hiring a model, an actor, a singer or a musician, etc? It is necessary to reduce costs and time to look forward to the probability of gain talents with specific characteristics in a highly fragmented market.

  • Did you know that Talents must attend many castings and spend on average USD1,500 a year in books and, about USD2.400 a year in self-promotion activities? More than 100 million people take part in at least one casting per year. For each new talent successfully discovered by an agency, thousands of applicants will never be able to achieve their objective of being discovered because of the geography locations are an important limitation to participate in the castings.


» The solution

  • Dinbog facilitates to Hiring companies a search engine, which will be able to explore and access to a privilege extensive database, making scouting activities much easier, with fast and affordable solutions. Management of sending messages on time and, the possibility of making an online casting, such as positioning themselves at the global online market.

  • Dinbog allows talents to post in very easy steps: photo books, videos, music and work references, etc. Speeding up the possibilities of being discovered, maximizing exposure connecting and hiring processes, and breaking down geographic barriers and obstacles to the development of their professional careers.


»  Differentiating Elements



Dinbog is a social marketplace that optimizes the search process, connection and hiring of talents such as models, actors, singers, musicians, dancers, presenters and all the rest of the professionals of the creative industry and orange economy, without charging commissions.


» Types of Pages – current and future



» Functionalities – current and future






   Good use of the brand

  • The logo must be placed on the top left-hand corner, with a standard size in relationship with the image.
  • The background must have a solid color, preferably in white.




Incorrect use of the brand

  • Avoid placing the logo with a background that can chance its shape, coloro visibility; for example: backgrounds with several colors, shades or textures.